No-Code Mobile Fraud Prevention

Stop Click Bots and Automated Mobile Fraud Fast

Appdome’s No Code Fraud Prevention protects all Android and iOS apps against click-fraud, ad fraud, click bots, click injection, sneaker bots, scalper bots, blocks keyloggers and app overlay attacks and stops large scale credential stuffing attacks using virtualization, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and other methods.

Using Appdome is easy. There’s no SDK, no gateway, no proxies and no coding required. Start a free 5-day trial and see how quick and easy it can be to prevent automated click bots, and large scale mobile fraud by building fraud prevention and defense directly into iOS and Android apps, fast.

Appdome Mobile Fraud Prevention

Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

Stop ad fraud and click fraud at the source. Don’t watch your ad budget get decimated under the barrage of click bots and fake clicks that don’t produce revenue. Block the automated tools, malicious apps, malicious botnets and click farms created by fraudsters to steal ad revenue.

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Stop Mobile Game Cheats

Stop mobile game cheating by preventing advanced hacking methods used by hackers and blocking the cheating mods, apps and frameworks like GameGuardian and Magisk. Preserve the integrity of your game and protect the game studio’s revenue and monetization.

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Defend Your Brand & Preserve User Experience and Trust

Block mobile fraud without false positives or breaking the user experience. Crack down on fake apps and clones that appear on alternative app stores. Get rid of fraudsters and cheaters who don’t spend any money and cause your most valuable users to churn.

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Get Started With Appdome Fraud Prevention

If left unchecked, mobile fraud can derail your entire mobile user acquisition strategy by stealing from ad budgets, sink your in-app monetization strategy, and destroy the user experience and integrity of your app or game, resulting in lasting brand damage or worse. Get a handle on mobile ad fraud and game fraud by preventing it at the source – inside the mobile app itself. Learn how Appdome’s no-code Anti-fraud solutions protect any Android and iOS apps by detecting and blocking the tools fraudsters use to generate fake clicks (click bots, click farms, click jacking, click injection), as well as the frameworks and methods hackers exploit to amplify and scale fraud efforts (screen overlays, malware apps, abuse of AccessibilityServices, Virtualization tools, and cheat engines).

Block Dynamic Code Injection, Key injection, Memory Injection

Prevents hackers from injecting code into the application process memory to tamper with or change the app’s behavior during runtime. Also detects and prevents method and function hooking which hackers use to change app logic or functionality.

Detect AccessibilityServices Abuse

Detect abuse of Android AccessibilityServices or other highly privileged app permissions which enable hackers to perform malicious activities, control apps remotely, or inject malicious code or manipulate gestures.

Block Screen Overlay Attacks

Block Screen Overlay attacks in which attackers superimpose elements that cover the user's screen, and trick users into interacting with malicious content or screens which is hidden. Block Anubis, BankBot, StrandHogg, BlackRock, Cloak&Dagger, Ghimob, Ginp, and MazarBot.

Block Malicious Malware and Cheating Apps

Hackers embed bots, malicious SDKs, trojans, and other malware inside legitimate apps and redistribute them on app stores to be downloaded by unsuspecting users. Once downloaded, the malware comes to life and starts performing its intended malicious function (for example, using an auto-clicker to generate fake clicks on ads, recalculate attribution scores by flooding an ad network with fake clicks, or funneling the diverted attribution revenues to the fraudster’s own service or account).


Prevent apps from running on virtualized environments which hackers use to create multiple accounts, test out exploits, and scale their malicious efforts. Prevent specialized virtualization tools like Parallel Spaces, commonly used to facilitate mobile game cheating.

Block Click Bots and Auto-Clickers

Hackers use automated bots for both mobile ad fraud as well as mobile game cheating. In the case of ad fraud, they use click bots to generate fake clicks or simulate human interaction with ad SDKs as a means to generate fraudulent attribution and steal mobile ad revenue. In mobile games, auto-clickers and speed clickers are used by cheaters to gain unfair advantages in the game. Prevent the use of these malicious automated bot programs using Appdome's no code fraud prevention.

Block GameGuardian, Prevent Speed Hacking, and other Cheat Tools

Block cheaters from using GameGuardian and other cheat engines to cheat mobile games, bypass licensing verifications, disable ads, steal in-app purchases, and change game values to gain unfair advantages in mobile games. Prevent apps that change clock and manipulate the game to accelerate their own play or advance to higher game levels without the required game play or time.

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  • Feature-by-Feature Description of Mobile Fraud: Deploy multiple security options in Android and iOS apps.
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Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on how to protect Android and iOS apps and mobile businesses against all types of mobile fraud – including click fraud, ad fraud, piracy, game cheating, fakes/mods/clones/malware apps. Appdome works with ALL iOS and Android apps built in any development framework/environment without changing how you build the app. No coding, No SDK, No separate apps required. Learn how to prevent mobile fraud in minutes for any app.