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The MobileTRUST Alliance is a mobile app security group created to deliver joint solutions that both find and immediately remediate vulnerabilities in any mobile app.

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Mobile app development teams work on tight delivery schedules to build and enhance apps, to retain customers and to stay ahead of the competition. Even when developers conduct vulnerability testing, they typically do not have iOS and Android security skills in-house, nor can they afford to delay to manually remediate discovered security flaws. The MobileTRUST Alliance addresses these challenges by combining vulnerability discovery with Appdome’s no-code mobile app security platform to fix found issues. The alliance’s co-founding partner is ImmuniWeb. Customers use ImmuniWeb’s award-winning AI technology for mobile app penetration testing and identify vulnerabilities. They then use Appdome AI platform to provide an immediate remediation of these vulnerabilities. Both solutions are fully automated and do not require source code access. Read more about benefits of the Appdome/ImmuniWeb partnership for instant remediation of mobile app vulnerabilities in this blog.
I’ve used Appdome and ImmuniWeb together in engagements with customers, and they really value the immediate impact of instant remediation. Once they understand how quickly and effectively the two platforms together can find and fix an app’s security flaws, the deals basically close themselves. Now that the MobileTRUST Alliance is creating joint solutions that enable developers to immediately address the security flaws found through scans, I can’t imagine a customer buying a scanning solution all by itself. Paco Villegas, CEO of Sh13ld-4ce (“Shield Force”), a reseller and integrator based in Mexico City.

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