Appdome Zero Management Security Gives Enterprises New Options – No Management Profile Required

New service provides comprehensive security and gives employees a consumer-like experience for enterprise mobile apps

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., August 20, 2019 Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code mobile integration and solutions platform, today announced Zero Management™ Security, a new service that secures enterprise mobile apps in Bring Your Own Device environments without the use of management profiles on employee devices.

Appdome Zero Management Security works with internally built and third-party apps.  The offering provides customers unique combinations of Appdome security including encryption, obfuscation, app shielding as well as SDK services, such as VPN access and SSO, all of which allow for seamless integration into enterprise environments.

Mobile apps can then be deployed via several mechanisms with Zero Management Security: Public App Store, Invitation Only and Private Distribution. Public App Store distribution is increasing in popularity with enterprise customers, as it gives employees the consumer-like mobile experiences they have come to expect. No other mobile integration solution is able to provide the deployment breadth available from Appdome.

“Enterprises need to deploy mobile apps to all employees vs. a select few MDM or EMM users,” said Tom Tovar, Appdome CEO and Co-Creator. “With Zero Management Security, enterprises are empowered to deliver secure mobile apps in ways mobile users are accustomed and without management profiles.”

Multi-use case environments, such as organizations that use a combination of MDM and MAM are easily addressed with Appdome, with its extensive support for leading EMM/MAM solutions, including Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch), BlackBerry, IBM MaaS360 and MobileIron.

“This allows organizations to craft strategies that embrace multi-deployment use cases and reach all employees with a single solution,” Tovar added.

Learn more about Appdome Zero Management Security via this link.

About Appdome

Appdome is the industry’s first no-code mobile integration and solutions platform. Appdome’s patented, Fusion technology and its AI-Digital Developer™, known as AMI, powers a self-service platform that allows anyone to easily build mobile features, standards, and vendor SDKs and APIs in security, authentication, access, mobility, mobile threat, analytics and more into any mobile app instantly. Leading financial, healthcare, government and e-commerce providers use Appdome to deliver rich mobile experiences, eliminating development complexity and accelerating mobile app lifecycles. For more information, visit

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