Appfusion offers Mobile App Security for SAP® Apps

Planned integration provides enhanced security solutions to developers of SAP Fiori® mobile and enterprise apps

AppDome, a market leader in dynamic mobile application security-as-a-service, announced today at the SAPPHIRE® NOW conference that the company will enable customers to use AppDome’s breakthrough App Fusion security suite to protect SAP® and enterprise-developed mobile apps. With the planned integration, the company aims to help customers add a powerful layer of security to safeguard sensitive data by dynamically shielding and securing mobile apps from advanced cyber threats, such as data leakage or theft, mobile fraud, intellectual property infringement and other malicious threats. AppDome expects to release the product for general availability in June 2016.

“As mobility has become more ubiquitous and deeply embedded into core business processes, mobile applications are increasingly involved in handling highly valuable and sensitive data. This trend has attracted the attention of sophisticated cyber-criminals who view mobility as an easy target for stealing sensitive data, which they can easily monetize,” stated Tal Gilat, CEO of AppDome.

AppDome’s patent-pending AppFusion technology does not require developers to be security experts, as the fusion process occurs automatically and dynamically, doesn’t require new code, and has zero impact on the user experience. The fusing process is accomplished in minutes and doesn’t require the use of software development kits (SDKs), thus avoiding lengthy development cycles and significant ongoing maintenance.

SAP provides cloud-based services designed to optimize the mobile experience for companies deploying mobile apps including SAP Fiori®. SAP HANA® Cloud Platform provides a third-party mobile services integration framework to help customers with faster delivery of flexible mobile apps that take advantage of tools like those from AppDome.

Access to the AppDome AppFusion console will be made available via the administration console of SAP’s cloud-based mobile services. Customers can protect their SAP Fiori or enterprise app through an integrated step in the app management workflow. This liberates mobile app developers to focus on writing amazing apps, and helps IT to protect sensitive data accessed from their apps. This capability is expected to help companies secure corporate data from a range of attack vectors, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, malware and OS vulnerabilities, thereby helping to prevent data theft and avoid compliance breaches.

AppDome Co-Founder and CTO Avi Yehuda added, “We are thrilled to work with SAP to deliver comprehensive mobile security for SAP Fiori mobile apps. Our focus is on simplifying mobility by fusing security into applications without altering the application code, leaving the native user experience unaffected.”

SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference are the world’s premier business technology event and largest SAP customer-run conference, offering attendees the opportunity to learn and network with customers, SAP executives, partners and experts across the entire SAP ecosystem.

About AppDome

AppDome’s App Fusion technology provides an essential shield that secures enterprise and consumer-facing apps from advanced cyber threats, mobile fraud, and data theft. Within minutes, AppDome’s App Fusion technology defends iOS and Android apps from a wide range of attack vectors. The cloud-based App Fusion service operates on the final application package, and does not require any source code modifications or SDK integration during the development life cycle. The solution is used by the world’s leading financial, healthcare and e-commerce companies to support productivity, compliance and security for consumers and employees.
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