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AppDome, the market leader in dynamic mobile application protection announced today that it plans to release a new version of AppDome, its unique dynamic mobile App Fusion technology which does not require any source code modifications or SDK integrations. The App Fusion process can take up to 7 minutes and it seamlessly bridges the gap between mobile app development and the highest level of application protection.

The AppDome App Fusion layer delivers enterprise-grade security protection for enterprise and customer facing apps including:

  • Data at rest protection: protecting all application files and databases which are generated by the application or as part of its operation, without affecting the application’s behavior or performance.
  • Data in transit protection: protecting data in transit from various attack vectors such as man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Avoid data theft and compliance breach via malware: providing anti-malware scanning and signature-based detection in addition to white list/black list options to protect users from malicious attacks.
  • Backend protection: AppDome certifies enterprise apps so that only protected apps can access the selected corporate backend and corporate gateway.
  • Risk Engine for compromised devices: the AppDome risk engine enables organizations to make risk based decisions by monitoring compromised devices.

With AppDome’s unique dynamic App Fusion technology, companies can easily protect any mobile application at the app binary level, meaning no source code modifications or SDK integrations are required during the development life cycle. This results in apps that are secured within minutes with state of the art cyber protection, and without any impact on the users’ native experience or on the performance of the application. The application, fused with the AppDome protection layer, can be published via the App Store, Google Play or Corporate Stores.
Tal Gilat, AppDome’s CEO said: “As threats evolve we, at AppDome, provide on-going solutions to the new and changed attack vectors, so that mobile apps can always be protected with the latest in cyber security counter measures. We will present the latest version of AppDome dynamic App Fusion technology and demonstrate how companies can fuse their mobile apps in 7 minutes with no code change and no SDK integration and protect themselves from data breaches.”

Come and visit us at Enterprise AppsWorld – Booth B50 and see how you can fuse your mobile app in 7 minutes with no code change and no SDK integration.

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