F5 and Appdome Team Up to Bring Mobile Apps to the Same Level as Enterprise Applications

Original Press Release published by F5 in Portuguese.

The addition of F5 Networks and Appdome technologies makes it easy for CISOs and CIOs to access a full range of application protection from data center to mobile device; Appdome solutions are distributed in Brazil through the F5 channel ecosystem

Sao Paulo, August 19, 2019 — F5, a leader in solutions that ensure the security and delivery of enterprise applications, announces its alliance with Appdome. “Appdome Mobile Apps protection solutions complement our security offering by extending the intelligence of F5 Networks technology to the mobile environment,” explains Rafael Venâncio, Channel and Alliances Director, F5 Networks Brazil. From now on, Appdome technology is available to the entire F5 channel ecosystem. “The result of this alliance is that CISOs and CIOs now have a unique offer of protection for both their on-premise applications and Apps installed on their users ‘or clients’ mobile devices – thus our Web Application Firewall in in conjunction with Appdome solutions, protects Android or iOS smartphones according to security policies applied to the user company data center.”

Appdome’s offering is based on MobileTRUST, a platform that gives Mobile Apps the ability to defend against all types of threats and protect mobile user data. One of the advantages of this technology is that it is extensible, allowing easy connection to security solutions running behind the scenes, whether in a data center or in the cloud.

For Luis Tapia, Director of Channel Sales for Appdome Latin America, the biggest opportunity identified in Brazil today is in user companies that use Mobile Apps to sell services or products. “Applications like Mobile Banking, mobile payment services, B2C transactions and travel hiring are a fever in Brazil; our role is to add security to the mobile device and thereby protect this value chain. ”

Mobile Banking and Mobile Commerce grow in Brazil

According to a survey by the Federation of Brazilian Banks (Febraban), from 2017 to 2018 grew by 119% the number of account holders who perform transactions via Mobile Banking and by 80% the number of customers who pay their bills from their mobile device. In the e-commerce universe, the picture is similar. A survey by Ebit/ Nielsen indicates that by 2018, 35% of purchases and 31.3% of retail revenues came from transactions made from mobile devices.

This reality contrasts with the security level of Mobile Apps. 2018 White Hat Security Survey Shows Over 85% of Apps Are Vulnerable to OWASP Mobile Top 10 Security Risks. The 7-Eleven App from Japan, for example, was hacked by digital criminals in June this year. As a result, customers in this retail chain suffered losses of half a million dollars in less than 24 hours.

“The sum of F5 and Appdome technologies solves this challenge,” summarizes Venâncio. The alliance between the companies gives F5 channel solution and reseller integrators immediate access to Appdome’s portfolio. “The result is a complete offer of customer environment protection; This alliance accelerates the customer’s Mobile Commerce strategy and brings new strategic business to the partner.”

Big-IP and MobileTRUST work together to protect Mobile App

Appdome is the industry’s first codeless platform for mobile integration and solutions. Appdome is distributed as a self-service cloud-based SaaS platform and does not require development expertise or special domains. This enables non-developer teams to quickly address mobile app security vulnerabilities without blocking scarce mobile developer resources. “Appdome is 100% compatible with all native, cross-platform, hybrid and non-native Android and iOS apps developed in any framework without dependencies,” says Tapia.

Appdome MobileTRUST is a suite of advanced mobile app security solutions that is easy to deploy. The platform provides a simple way to extend the services provided by F5 Networks Big-IP Application Services technology to Mobile Apps.

Appdome’s Tapia explains that it is possible, for example, to integrate MobileTRUST with F5’s Web-Application Firewall (WAF) critical security settings, the Big-IP ASM. This provides a secure environment for customers to access their infrastructure and Big-IP Application services and from there to complete mobile business, banking and payment transactions. “MobileTRUST empowers the user business to protect customer data from their Mobile Apps; This includes protecting PII and financial data such as banks and payments. As a result, your Apps only trust you.”

About F5

F5 increases the speed, intelligence, and application security of some of the world’s largest organizations: corporations, telecommunications service providers, government agencies, and large consumer companies. F5 delivers cloud and security solutions that enable organizations to meet the demands of their application infrastructure; This is done quickly and with control. For more information, visit www.f5.com. You can also follow @ f5networks on Twitter or find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Appdome

Appdome is the industry’s first no-code mobile integration and solutions platform. Appdome’s patented, Fusion technology and its AI-Digital Developer™, known as AMI, powers a self-service platform that allows anyone to easily build mobile features, standards, and vendor SDKs and APIs in security, authentication, access, mobility, mobile threat, analytics and more into any mobile app instantly. Leading financial, healthcare, government and e-commerce providers use Appdome to deliver rich mobile experiences, eliminating development complexity and accelerating mobile app lifecycles. For more information, visit www.appdome.com.

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