How the AppFusion Platform Empowers Mobile Security

Startup’s Technology Automates Mobile App Integration, Dramatically Reducing Complexity and Cost for the Mobile Industry

Redwood City, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2016 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first cloud service that automates mobile integration – by fusing new services such as security and mobility management to mobile apps – today announces the launch of its AppFusion Platform. The new platform gives mobile professionals a stateful workspace to complete mobile integration projects and a fast and easy way to use its proprietary AppFusion technology. The platform accelerates mobile integration projects by allowing users to add mobile SDKs and other services to one or several mobile apps at once without needing to develop code or implement the SDK in source code.  Appdome’s award winning mobile security suite is made available through the AppFusion Platform, too, allowing mobile developers to deliver secure apps from day one.

“The industry needs a better way to integrate mobile services to apps,” says Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. “The new platform brings the power of a full mobile SDK to an app binary, transforms the way professionals integrate services to apps, and eliminates much of the development burden that previously bogged down the integration process.  Now anyone, not just mobile developers, can complete multiple mobile integration projects in minutes, not weeks or months.”

AppFusion is an automated mobile integration technology that allows multiple services and SDKs, even from different vendors, to be easily fused to a single application. Users now have the ability to quickly add capabilities such as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) SDKs, mobile security and more to apps using the intuitive, cloud-based interface of the AppFusion Platform.  The platform renders a fused application in minutes, eliminating the need for long-lead integration and development efforts and one-off SDK level integrations.

“This is the first platform built from the ground up to automate and accelerate mobile app integration,” adds Tovar. “We’re very excited to bring this to market.”

Platform Simplifies Integration While Cutting Its Costs

Most internally developed and third-party mobile apps require a significant development effort to integrate back-end connections and other third-party services. While emerging development platforms have made attempts to expedite professional app development, industry experts and analysts continue to suggest that the majority of mobile developers’ time (70 percent) is consumed by the integration burden. With AppFusion, anyone, not just mobile developers, can quickly and easily combine external services and mobile apps without requiring source code or coding. The full functionality of mobile SDKs and a comprehensive mobile security suite can be combined with a mobile app in minutes.

The AppFusion platform accelerates mobile app integration, dramatically reducing the development time and cost associated with integrating mobile apps. Through the AppFusion platform:

  • App developers can significantly reduce integration time to almost “nil” and turn their focus on developing great apps
  • App owners don’t need to integrate third party services to their app at a source-code level, which provides more integration choices for their users
  • Enterprise mobility professionals can utilize existing staff to add new functionality to apps without taxing development resources, allowing more choices and control over deployments
  • Mobile Solution Vendors (MSVs) can easily extend their mobile application services to enrich more mobile apps, which broadens the applicability of their SDKs and speeds their sales cycles

“The pace of change and the overall enthusiasm for mobile is fascinating to witness as businesses evolve business processes and empower employees with secure access to applications and business data,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst of enterprise mobility at Enterprise Strategy Group, an IT analyst and business strategy firm. “Appdome is helping organizations swiftly achieve success in a secure manner while avoiding cumbersome and costly integration pains that can stall or suspend critical mobile projects.”

AppFusion is offered on a subscription basis and features three options: Complete, Extend and Ideal.

To learn more about the AppFusion platform with Appdome’s mobile security suite or to request a demo, visit
Industry Leaders Already On Board

A major industry leader in secure mobile communications, Blackberry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), recently signed an agreement with Appdome to make AppFusion available on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform from BlackBerry. Customers using AppFusion can deploy Good’s SDK functionality within minutes. Administrators are then able to manage and modify existing features directly from the Good control management console.

“In partnering with Appdome, we are expanding flexibility and enabling new features by making it easier for customers to easily integrate, use, protect and manage their enterprise apps on Good Dynamics,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry.

About Appdome

Appdome’s AppFusion platform enables the rapid integration of multiple third-party functions to apps, shortening the deployment cycle and connecting mobile apps to other services on demand. The codeless service operates as a mobile integration workflow in the cloud, and allows users to perform integration projects on the final application package. No source code or development expertise is required.  Likewise, no modifications to an app or an SDK are required to complete integration projects on the AppFusion platform. The solution is currently used by the world’s leading financial, healthcare and e-commerce companies to support productivity, compliance and security for consumers and employees. Appdome was rated a Cool Vendor in Mobile Security by Gartner in 2015. The company is based in Silicon Valley, United States and Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit


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