Peruvian Commercial Bank Chooses Appdome to Secure its First Mobile Banking App

Banco Pichincha Peru incorporates the Appdome Mobile Security Suite into its app to provide comprehensive, robust protection of its mobile business.


SAN FRANCISCO  November 12, 2020 Appdome, a no-code mobile security and solutions platform, today announced that Banco Pichincha Peru, a national commercial bank with headquarters in Lima, has used Appdome’s platform to secure its first mobile app; APP Banco Pichincha Perú. Banco Pichincha is a subsidiary of Pichincha Bank of Ecuador, the largest commercial bank in Ecuador.

In light of the desire for mobile banking, partly accelerated by the need for social distancing, Banco Pichincha Peru released its first mobile app in July. With the help of Appdome’s platform and mobile security expertise, and together with Appdome’s local partner Aggity Perú, the bank was able to satisfy all its security requirements without sacrificing the release schedule.

Banco Pichincha Peru secured APP Banco Pichincha Perú with the all-in-one Mobile App Security Suite in just minutes with no coding required. The suite includes:

  • ONEShield™ by Appdome: Protects against app tampering and debugging
  • TOTALCode™Obfuscation: Obfuscates the binary code to protect against reverse engineering
  • TOTALData™Encryption: Protects application data, strings and metadata with AES-256 encryption
  • Jailbreak/Root Prevention: Prevents rooting/ jailbreak attempts and stops the app from running on untrusted or banned devices
  • Man-in-the-Middle Prevention: Creates and validates the authenticity of trusted communication sessions initiated by the app to prevent data leakage, man-in-the-middle attacks and other breaches
  • Mobile Privacy: Provides data loss prevention by adding copy/paste protection, keylogger prevention, disabling screen sharing and other measures.

“As a financial institution, it’s crucial that our mobile app be secure,” said Erick Alencar Rios, Head of Digital Channels at Banco Pichincha Peru. “But we also needed to release the app in a timely manner. Our customers were eager to start mobile banking and with Appdome’s help and support, we were able to release a certified secure app quickly without adding to the workload of our mobile development organization or integrating multiple third-party security solutions.”

“Cybercriminals are stepping up their attacks on mobile banking apps, especially as more end-users conduct and manage financial transactions using their smartphones during the pandemic,” said Tom Tovar, Co-creator and CEO at Appdome. “Increasingly, the financial sector is turning to Appdome to secure their apps in a way that doesn’t cause release dates to slip and budgets to expand. We are honored that Banco Pichincha chose Appdome to defend its mobile business. They are one of the many organizations in Latin America choosing Appdome to protect the people and businesses that rely on mobile apps to complete e-commerce and financial transactions.”


About Appdome

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Jan is passionate about protecting mobile banking customers from threats, malware and fraud. In addition to blogging this story, he is the solution specialist for secure mobile banking.

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