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Using Appdome’s Security build system, you can deliver comprehensive React Native code obfuscation inside Android and iOS apps, no coding, no SDKs, no code decoration and no exclusion files needed.

Add React Native code obfuscation to Android and iOS inside the DevOps pipeline with ease. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry requirements fast.

Protect React Native code from reverse engineering, decompiling tools like IDA, ADB, Dex2Jar.

Ask about these other top features of Appdome's no-code Mobile Code Obfuscation

iOS & Android Code Obfuscation

Use Appdome's build system to obfuscate Android AAB and APK, and iOS IPA and Bitcode, apps quickly and easily without source code, coding, code decoration, SDKs or complex exclusion rules. Select the level of obfuscation desired and instruct Appdome to build the obfuscated app for you in your DevOps pipeline.

Advanced Obfuscation Options

Obfuscate non-native mobile application code such as Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, Cordova JS, React Native JS, Xamarin and Unity reflections, dynamic code and more. Relocate and obfuscate mobile app code and control flows to block static analysis tools from telling hackers how the app works. Removes symbols and debug information in the mobile application's executable.

DevOps Obfuscation for Your Pipeline

Appdome's security build system is a DevOps class toolset designed to obfuscate mobile apps as an integrated part of your DevOps pipeline. Appdome is fully compatible with any mobile DevOps or CI/CD system including Circle CI, Bitrise, Travis, Jenkins, App Center, Team City and other DevOps Tools.

Build, Test and Reporting Ease

As a core part of your DevOps pipeline, Appdome's security build will adapt to the way you build you app. Change language, no worries. Change DevOps tools, no worries. Change Crash reporting systems, no worries. Appdome is fully compatible with the full mobile dev stack, from build, to test, to crash reporting and more.

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