Man-in-the-Middle Prevention
Without Coding. No SDK.

Learn more about Appdome's no-code Man-in-the-Middle prevention for Android and iOS apps:

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Android and iOS MitM Prevention

Protect Android and iOS applications from MiTM and other network based attacks. SSL certificate validation, CA authentication, malicious proxy detection, TLS version enforcement, and more.

Secure Certificate Pinning

Prevent mobile apps and users from connecting to compromised servers and malicious hosts. Secure API and app-to-backend connections. Securely store server certificate(s) pinned in the app.

Stop Bot Attacks

Guarantee legitimate mobile traffic and protect the mobile infrastructure from malicious clients and fake apps. Prevent compromised mobile clients and malicious bots from connecting to your network.

Pass MitM Pen Tests and Scanning

Quickly pass Man-in-the-Middle penetration tests and vulnerability scans. Prevent SSL Certificate Bypass Attacks. Block MitM tools such as Charles Proxy, BURP Suite, NMAP, mitm proxy, Wireshark, and Metasploit.

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