Mobile Fraud Prevention
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Learn about Appdome's no-code mobile fraud prevention for Android and iOS apps:
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Block On-Device Click Bots

Stop malicious mobile apps and other automated programs from interacting with your app fraudulently. Safeguard your business against mobile click farms, click bots, click jacking, ad fraud, fake events and product scalping. Prevent and stop fraudulent attribution, lost in-app purchases, lost mobile ad revenue and game cheaters.

Stop Mobile Bot Nets Before They Start

Prevent apps from running on device farms, virtualized environments and tools like Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Fraudsters use these tools and methods to automatically create multiple accounts, test out exploits, and scale malicious efforts like credential stuffing attacks. Use Appdome's Mobile Fraud Prevention to preempt this class of attack and protect your back end.

Stop Identity Theft & Credential Theft

Prevent your mobile app from becoming the source of identity fraud, Account Take Overs (ATOs) and credential theft. Block Screen Overlay attacks, malicious programs that sit on top of your mobile application screen and trick users into interacting with malicious content or screens instead of your app. Block Anubis, BankBot, StrandHogg, BlackRock, Cloak&Dagger, Ghimob, Ginp, and MazarBot. Detect and block the use of non-approved keyboards to stop exfiltration of keystroke information using keyloggers.

Total Fraud Prevention

With every release of your Android and IOS app, release features that prevent all major methods of mobile fraud including click-fraud, ad fraud, click bots, click injection, sneaker bots, scalper bots, blocks keyloggers and app overlay attacks. Stop large scale credential stuffing attacks that abuse virtualization, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and other methods. No gateway. No SDK or API. No code required. Simply choose the features needed to prevent mobile fraud in your app, and click "Build My App."

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