Mobile Malware Prevention
Without Coding. No SDK.

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Preserve Android & iOS App Trust

Mobile consumers deserve mobile app experiences they can trust. It's now possible for developers, studios and app publishers to quickly, completely and easily prevent mobile malware and abuse, and protect users from malicious programs designed to undermine and exploit how mobile devices, OS and apps work.

Shield Mobile Apps from Malicious Programs

Protect Android and iOS apps, and the mobile consumers and end users that use your apps, from malicious programs that may have been installed on their device.

Total Malware Protection, DevSecOps Ease

Every release of Android and IOS, release features that prevent all major malware methods and tools including Magisk, Magisk Hide, Magisk Manager, Frida, memory tampering, memory injection, key injection, fake clicks and fake event, hooking and hooking frameworks, speed hacking, and cheating tools like GameGuardian and more. No gateway. No SDK or API. No code required.

Block Mobile Game Cheating and Cheat Engines

Everyone plays mobile games. Mobile games guide users on incredible journeys, offering excitement, entertainment and community. Mobile game cheats, cheating engines and mobile game cheating tools undermine that experience and make game play less fair and enjoyable for everyone. Appdome offers no code mobile game cheat prevention to stop game cheating tools like GameGuardian, and cheating methods, like speed hacking, memory tampering and more, quickly and easily.

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