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Get MAM and EMM into Apps - No Coding and No Wrapping
Watch this demo to see how Appdome works with 3rd party apps like WebEx, Jabber, Oracle, SAP, Jive and more.

Why Appdome?
Mobility Spotlight

Get apps EMM-ready in a click

Enterprise customers can now integrate EMM, MAM, or MDM SDKs to apps in minutes. Customers can integrate SDKs to mobile apps developed on any framework, language or operating system. No coding, development or source code required. 

  • Rapidly integrate mobility management to IPA/APK files
  • Add EMM/MDM to BYOA apps without changing the app or the SDK
  • Solve incompatibilities and extend EMM/MDM to more apps
  • Get complete SDK implementations in minutes, not months

Choice, control and convenience

Appdome automates the implementation of EMM and MDM SDKs, saving you time, money and resources. Vendor choice and a range of workflow features make it easy to complete one or many mobile integration projects in parallel. Features include:  

  • EMM Vendor Choice - Choose from SDKs from major vendors in EMM and MDM
  • One-click Integrations - Codeless integration of SDKS to an app anyone can use
  • 3rd party and internal apps - AppFusion works with any app in IPA and APK format
  • Advanced App Protection - multi-layered protections with every integration (FREE)
  • Productivity Featrues - FusionBlastTM, FusionGravityTM and more

Validated Solution for Enterprise Mobility

With Appdome for AirWatch, Appdome for BlackBerry and Appdome for MobileIron enterprise mobility professionals and developers can add Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to internally developed and 3rd Party apps without the need to access the source code.

For more information read the Appdome for AirWatch data sheet, the Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics data sheet, the Appdome for MobileIron data sheet or visit our knowledge base.


Instantly Add Mobile Application Management SDKs to Android and iOS Apps, No Code or Coding Required

See how easy it is to use Appdome to Fuse any EMM SDK to an app with nothing more than an IPA or APK.

Featured Partners in Enterprise Mobility

Microsoft Intune is a cloud service that provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities. Intune’s mobile productivity management capabilities help organizations provide their employees access to corporate data, applications, and resources, while helping to protect their corporate information. Intune supports Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, and macOS devices and provides several options for protecting corporate data on these devices. Learn more about Appdome for Microsoft Intune in this data sheet.

BlackBerry is a global leader in secure mobile communications. BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform is a comprehensive, flexible and highly scalable EMM and MDM that is a must-have for organizations supporting diverse devices, operating systems and ownership models. Appdome is the chosen way to add apps to BlackBerry Dynamics, allowing users to add the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK in minutes, combine multiple BlackBerry services like BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry Access to these apps, and leverage a rich feature set capable of supporting any mobile use case, all in a simple workflow without the need for developers to change or modify source code. Get the Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics data sheet.

VMware AirWatch is widely recognized as a leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM). Whether as a standalone solution or as part of the integrated VMware Workspace ONE platform, AirWatch is an essential element in delivering on the promise of MDM and EMM in a complete digital workspace. With Appdome for AirWatch, customers can integrate the VMware AirWatch SDK and bring more mobile apps into their AirWatch MDM and EMM environment in minutes, without wrapping and without writing a single line of code. Learn more about Appdome for AirWatch in this data sheet.

IBM MaaS360 is a trusted enterprise MDM and EMM mobility management solution that makes working in a mobile world more simple and safe. Use powerful mobile device management with comprehensive, integrated protection to enable applications, content, email and devices, without compromising the user experience, data security or privacy. With Appdome customers can now integrate the IBM MaaS360 SDK to Android and iOS mobile apps in minutes without code or coding.

MobileIron's EMM platform protects enterprise information wherever it lives: in the datacenter, in the cloud, in mobile apps, on mobile devices, desktops, and in motion. Whether employees use personal or company-owned mobile devices, enterprise IT can easily configure, deploy, secure, and manage any endpoint or app, using MobileIron anywhere in the world. With Appdome customers can rapidly integrate the MobileIron SDK to IOS mobile app in minutes. In our effort to bring the best of breed solutions to our customers, Appdome also allows customers the ability to implement the full MobileIron EMM solution on Android apps too, without wrapping and despite the absence of a MobileIron SDK for Android. Enjoy the full capability of MobileIron across iOS and Android. Learn more about Appdome for MobileIron in this data sheet. 

Appaloosa & Appdome are partnering to help companies distribute and protect enterprise mobile apps without Mobile Device Management (MDM). Protect your enterprise apps before deployment without any code change.
Get the Appdome for Appaloosa data sheet.

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