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Protect Your Mobile Apps Against
Mobile Click Fraud

It’s estimated that over 20% of PPC advertisers’ budgets was wasted on click fraud, ranging from click bots, rogue SDKs, fake downloads, click injection, click spamming, click farms, none of which will result in new customers or revenue.  

Protect mobile applications against mobile click fraud and auto-clicking apps. Request a demo learn how to build in-app fraud prevention capabilities into Android and iOS apps with no coding or SDKs. 

Top Threats Resulting from Click Fraud

Click bots are automated software programs specifically designed to generate large volumes of invalid clicks. They create havoc on the advertising business model used in mobile apps, either by stealing ad revenue or exhausting a mobile advertiser’s ad budget. 

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Scalping bots like Grinchbots,
Sneakerbots, and shopping bots are automated programs that buy-up high demand products and then charge huge markups to ordinary customers. Malicious bots account for more than 25% of all Internet traffic and can damage a retailer’s brand.

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Bad actors can rob game developers from in-app revenue when they create mods and tweak of Android and iOS games. In addition tools like GameGuardian and Lucky Patcher allow game cheats to  undermine the integrity of a game, causing churn. 

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With Appdome’s industry-leading mobile application security solution, developers can instantly deploy comprehensive, no-code, security inside Android and iOS apps, blocking attacks and stopping security threats. This mobile app protection, secures mobile apps, data and users. With Appdome, mobile app developers can add Android app security and iOS app security fast, without any development, engineering, or dependencies. Focus on an amazing end-user experience and leveraging Appdome for security.

Try Appdome's No-Code Mobile Click Fraud Prevention Today

Prevent fraudsters and game cheats from destroying your app monetization,  damaging the trust and integrity of your app and brand. Start your 5-day free trial and see how easy it is to prevent mobile click fraud by building fraud prevention capabilities directly into Android and iOS apps - no coding required. 

Stop Click Bots, Click Injection, SDK spoofing

Prevent click-fraud and automated click bots from eating through your ad budget by generating fake clicks and fraudulent installs that don't produce new customers or revenue.
Block automated click bots, shopping bots, click injection, click flooding and other forms of malvertising to take back control of your ad budget.

Block Cheating Apps, Mods, Tweaks & Memory Injection

Block mobile game cheating tools and frameworks like GameGuardian, Cheat Engines, and Lucky Patcher, which cheaters use to change game values, conduct speed attacks and edit memory. Block advanced techniques like runtime memory alteration, dylib injection , dynamic memory injection, and plist editing.

Prevent Overlay Attacks and Malicious Apps

Prevent fraudsters from using overlay attacks to elevate administrative privileges or control apps remotely by tricking mobile users to turn-on powerful functions such as Accessibility Services or granting app permissions to malicious apps controlled by the attacker.

Block Keyloggers and Key Injection

Block malicious keyboards and keyloggers from capturing keystrokes and passing valuable information to attackers. Prevent the use of key injection a technique used by attackers to intercept/inject or modify and manipulate gestures or keystrokes in runtime.

No-Code Mobile App Security & Fraud Prevention for Android and iOS Apps

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Ransomware: Mobile Apps Are the Weak Link

Malware can harvest unprotected network information stored in mobile apps, allowing fraudsters to launch ransomware attacks on the back end. This makes mobile apps the weak link when protecting your networks from ransomware attacks.

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Learn how to prevent mobile click fraud, ad fraud and game cheating by adding fraud prevention capabilities to any iOS and Android app in seconds without any coding. 

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