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Cyber Defense Automation
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ThreatScope Mobile XDR is the only solution that provides real-time proof that the protections you built into your apps are working in production. Compared to a pen test which is only a snapshot in time, performed by one person with a limited set of tools, ThreatScope provides real-time visibility into all the attacks and exploits against your app in the real world. ThreatScope makes it easy to immediately build protections against those attacks and prove that your protections are working. Request a demo now and learn how you can See it, Solve it and Show it.

ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR

ThreatScope is the fastest and easiest way to get real-time mobile threat and attack intelligence in all your Android & iOS apps. There are no servers to deploy, and no analytics packages to install. There's also no SDK to integrate or instrument in your Android or iOS app. Simply choose ThreatScope™ in your Appdome security template (called a Fusion Set) and tell Appdome "Build My App" via the Appdome GUI or Dev-API. The attack and threat intelligence model will be added to your mobile app automatically.

See Real Mobile Attacks & Attackers

ThreatScope offers developers and security teams the ability to see real-time, live production attack, hacking, malware and mobile threat intelligence across Android and iOS apps as it happens. Attack and threat data available on ThreatScope includes all threat, malware, hacking, cheat, and other attack vectors covered by Appdome, whether or not protections are in use in the mobile app. ThreatScope is also fully integrated with Appdome's Threat-Event™, ThreatScore™ and ThreatCode™

Fully Integrated Click-to-Protect

ThreatScope is purpose built to help developers and cyber security professional solve the top mobile threats and attacks fast. Detailed attack taxonomies and protection recommendations are included as overlay insights in the ThreatScope console. This provides instant "see it solve it" ability right inside the DevOps pipeline, without the need for coding, retooling, added SDKs or other dependencies.

Better Security Release Management

DevOps teams use ThreatScope to accelerate DevSecOps, and improve the release of security features into their mobile apps. Unlike mobile penetration testing and code scanning, ThreatScope Mobile XDR provides real-world, real data on the actual attacks and threats occurring in production environments and gives DevOps teams the power to put that intelligence to work immediately. No code, no SDK required.