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AppConfig Tips

Get The Tips Download the 5 Top Tips For AppConfig Now What You Get These AppConfig tips and best practices will help you add the AppConfig standard to your Android and iOS apps. Appdome for [...]

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Get the Datasheet Learn how to add AppConfig to your app in minutes What You Get Appdome for AppConfig is designed to advance the business reach and usefulness of apps built for enterprise use. The service [...]

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ONE-AppConfig™ by Appdome

Get the Guide Now Download the ONE-AppConfig by Appdome Guide What You Get ONE-AppConfig is designed from the ground up to make it easy on ISVs and mobile developers to add managed security to apps [...]

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Appdome Announces ONE-AppConfig™ for Android and iOS Apps

ONE-AppConfig™ Eliminates Separate Platform and Vendor Specific Implementations Redwood City, Calif - February 20, 2018 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code, cloud hub for mobile app integration, today announces ONE-AppConfig™ by Appdome. ONE-AppConfig is yet another first in enterprise mobility from Appdome: a single solution for [...]

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Appdome ONE-AppConfig™ Simplify AppConfig Across MDMs

Appdome joined AppConfig just last August because we believe that MDM is a useful use case in the enterprise. If implemented consistently, AppConfig streamlines the adoption and deployment of mobile applications in the enterprise by providing a standard for app configuration and management that can be leveraged by any MDM system.

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Simplifying AppConfig for App Developers and ISVs

Appdome can accelerate and broaden the adoption of Appconfig, and encourage the standard to evolve. For starters, Appdome eliminates the manual development work required to implement AppConfig. Any app maker, including ISVs, can now add AppConfig to an app in minutes, without developers writing a single line of code.

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Appdome Mobile App Integration Vendor Joins AppConfig Community

The move allows AppConfig standards to be integrated with one click into enterprise mobile apps using Appdome's platform. Mobile app integration vendor Appdome has joined the AppConfig Community, a move the company says will make it easier for customers to bolster their mission-critical business mobile apps. [...]

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Fast AppConfig Implementation on Appdome

AppConfig is a new app-management standard on managed devices in the enterprise. Many ISVs want to add AppConfig to their apps. The roadmap for AppConfig exists. With Appdome’s fusion technology, ISVs can make those roadmaps a reality and productize AppConfig to their apps in minutes.

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