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No-Code BlackBerry Launcher Integration – Available Now!

The latest mobile service to make its debut on the Appdome platform comes from our long-time friend and partner, BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher SDK is now available on Appdome! It’s an optional extension when adding the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to an app. Implement BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher and BlackBerry Dynamics SDK on the same app, at the same time, all within a single workflow.

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Appdome Makes Signing Fused Android and iOS Apps Easy!

Appdome now makes signing integrated apps even easier, giving users the option to store signing credentials on the Appdome platform. While some Appdome users chose to sign Fused apps inside their own environment, a growing number of customers have requested that Appdome maintain their signing credentials on the Appdome platform.

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Appdome Adds Support for Hybrid Apps and App Customization

Would you believe it that it has only been a couple of months since the Appdome platform was officially GA (in February)? Today, we added even more new innovations to address leading challenges in enterprise mobility. We're excited to introduce new features that add support for hybrid apps and app customization. Most of them came from customers doing real work on the platform.

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Appdome Introduces New Mobile Identity Category

We just released a new service category – Mobile Identity on the Appdome Platform! The new category enables customers to securely integrate mobile identity SDKs, including rich feature sets like advanced authentication and biometrics to new and existing mobile apps.

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No-Code Mobile Integration for ISVs: Key Benefits

As you know from my last post, Appdome for App Publishers is a new service on the Appdome platform designed to support the growing need to integrate mobility solutions with commercially available apps. Thanks to those of you that have contacted us about this amazing new service. FI thought I’d share some of the incredible benefits others have shared with me.

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Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2018 from Appdome

2017 has been an amazing year for exploring the mobile landscape. In talking to customers, partners and analysts, I’ve learned a lot. Several of you have been asking for my insight or opinions of where the market is heading in 2018.

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Pew Research and Smart Insights Mobile Fact Sheet 2017: Appdome Review

Mobile devices and mobile applications are thriving! Different types of mobile devices are being introduced to the market each year, coupled with an ever-increasing user base around the world. The Pew Research Center provided a very insightful Mobile Fact Sheet in 2017 on the Mobile Devices landscape.

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