Easy Mobile Integration for Enterprise Apps: Appdome for App Publishers

Today, Appdome introduces a new service on the Appdome Platform - Appdome for App Publishers. The new service is free for app publishers and independent software vendors (ISVs). It is designed to empower enterprise customers to integrate the SDK of their choice with commercially available, enterprise apps on the Appdome platform.

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Managing Mobile Apps in the Enterprise; The Ugly Truth

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he changed the very definition of a mobile device and introduced the era of BYOD and EMM. At first, people would carry around 2 devices, their company issued device and their new shiny iPhone. Then, they would ask IT to port their company email over to their iPhone.

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Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA) in the Modern Enterprise

Ever since Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), there’s been “an app for this” phenomenon. Increasingly we’re seeing the arrival of Bring Your Own App (BYOA) to the workplace. From the enterprise perspective, increasing growth in mobile app use is a given. Mobile enables new and better business processes. Mobile also transforms the ways organizations, partners, and customers interface with each other.

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Get In Tune and add Microsoft Intune to Mobile Apps

Microsoft Intune is playing an increasing role in mobile application management (MAM), giving organizations a diverse set of tools for managing complex mobile environments and securing Android and iOS mobile apps.

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