Appdome Recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Mobile Application Management

Redwood City, Calif., February 13, 2018 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first cloud hub for mobile app integration, has been recognized in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Mobile Application Management. Appdome’s cloud-based fusion process is a multivendor app augmentation system that enables the integration of compliance, security, mobility, Single-Sign On [...]

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Appdome Reviews Gartner’s Top Findings in Endpoint and Mobile Security

Threats to mobile devices and mobile security are real and omnipresent. Read what these industry experts say. Gartner, in its Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security research document, listed 5 key findings with regards to Mobile Security. NowSecure, mobile application security company, published an interesting mobile security report and found 10 surprising stats exposing mobile data security dangers.

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Gartner’s Take on Mobile Security Best Practices

In a newly released research note, Gartner discusses mobile security best practices as it applies to consumer facing apps. The piece, entitled “Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls – March 2016” covers various aspects of the mobile app development landscape in detail, and offers [...]

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Look for AI in Mobile Development to Become Mainstream

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, today. Banks are experts at identifying fraudulent use of credit cards. Most of us engage regularly with intelligent customer support chatbots. Alexa, Siri and Google smart speakers are omnipresent in our homes, accomplishing tasks on our behalf. In fact, [...]

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Mobile Enterprise Access

Appdome for Mobile Enterprise Access Delivers Allow mobile apps to establish direct and seamless access to corporate resources without device level or per-App VPN. No-code implementations for 3rd-party secure gateways, including F5 Access Manager, Microsoft AppProxy and more. Simplify the [...]

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Press Releases

2019 Appdome-DEV Completes CI/CD Workflows for Mobile Apps U.S. Navy Secures MyNavy Portal Mobile App With Appdome Appdome Beefs Up Mobile Identity Category with Multi-Factor Authentication 2018 Appdome's New AI-Digital Developer™ Completes Mobile Integrations [...]

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In The News

2019 Feb 6, 2019 Appdome Launches Multi-Factor Authentication 2018 Sept 13, 2018 Appdome Updates Mobile Security Offerings Sept 12, 2018 Appdome Releases Two New Mobile App Security Protections Apr 12, 2018 Appdome Teams Up with F5 to [...]

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Appdome BoostEMM Eases Mobile App Integration

Platform Offers General Availability of Services for All Gartner Magic Quadrant & Forrester WAVE EMM Leaders Redwood City, Calif – March 29, 2018 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code, cloud platform for mobile app integration, today announces a new service, called BoostEMM™ by Appdome, which instantly adds [...]

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Bridge the Compatibility Gap Between SDKs, Uses Cases and Apps

What gap, you might ask? The gap between SDKs, apps, and use cases. I was really happy that Gartner recognized this value proposition from Appdome. In their 2018 Mobile Application Management Market Guide, Gartner said, “Appdome develops its own extensions to third-party SDKs to bridge gaps between SDKs, use cases, and apps”. But what does this really mean?

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Appdome’s New Security Suite Offers Next-Generation Protections for Any Mobile App

ONE-Shield™ by Appdome Delivers the Most Comprehensive Mobile App Security Without Coding Redwood City, Calif. and Oakland, Calif. - February 6, 2018 – Today, at the DeveloperWeek conference in Oakland, California, Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code, cloud hub for mobile app integration, announces ONE-Shield™ by Appdome, its [...]

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