Appdome for BBM Enterprise SDK

Watch the On-Demand Webinar: What's Inside: Add Secure Voice, Video, and Chat to Any App, with No-Code Enterprise customers and ISVs have been researching ways to build powerful communication experiences in just a couple of minutes. [...]

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Simplify Mobile App Integration with SDKs

I'm Ready to Learn More! Download Simplifying Mobile App Integration with SDKs white paper now What You Get A guide on how to simplify mobile app integrations with SDKs. Mobile app developers are under constant [...]

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Appdome Expands Identity Service with Gemalto MobilePKI SDK

Gemalto’s Market-Leading Strong Authentication Solution Can Be Integrated To Any App in Minutes Redwood City, Calif. – February 1. 2018 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first cloud hub for mobile app integration announces the general availability of “Appdome for Gemalto” —a service that enables codeless integration of Gemalto’s MobilePKI SDK to [...]

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Mobile SDK Integration – The Achilles Heel in Mobility Strategies

SDKs are designed to reduce development burden required to implement services. They aid enterprises in adding desired capabilities and features to apps, without having to develop them internally. For this very reason, mobile app developers prefer SDKs as they serve as ‘building blocks’ for connecting apps to mobile services during the development cycle.

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EMM and MAM SDK Integration Made Easy

A big customer comes calling. The company is interested in deploying your app to its entire global teams. Yay! But there’s a catch. They need you to integrate the app with their secure (EMM) environment. What do you do? You are now faced with several decisions.

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Appdome Achieves SDK Readiness in Lightning Speed!

One of Appdome’s missions for customers is that we will strive to eliminate any pains when it comes to integrating mobile apps with 3rd party services such as SDKs. One way that we do this is by bringing the latest SDKs of our partners to the Appdome platform at mobile speed.

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