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Mobile AppSec Release Orchestration in CI/CD

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Cyber Defense Automation
Delivers Mobile AppSec Release Orchestration Better

Appdome’s Mobile Cyber Defense Automation platform is built to provide data, visibility, management, & control over the protection lifecycle for Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Here are some of the ways Appdome delivers a better mobile DevSecOps experience in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR

Discover Appdome’s ThreatScope™ mobile XDR. ThreatScope allows developers and cyber teams to discover the mobile app security, RASP, MiTM Attack, mobile fraud, mobile malware, modding, hijacking and cheats impacting real users, choose the protections that matter most to the mobile business, and prove the impact of each protection using fully integrated analytics-grade, real-time mobile attack detection data and telemetry in the CI/CD pipeline.

Mobile Cyber Defense Automation

Control, audit and orchestrate the release of Certified Secure™ protections in Android & iOS apps in a dedicated mobile Cyber Defense Automation platform inside DevOps CI/CD. Enjoy a system of record to create mobile app protection models, and save, reuse, version, freeze and release mobile protection models as part of the mobile app release process in the CI/CD pipeline. Automated app sealing, app signing, user & build logging, Dev-APIs and more make delivery of mobile app protection in your DevOps CI/CD more visible, manageable and better.

Certified Secure™ - DevSecOps Certification

See Certified Secure™, and guarantee that each Android & iOS app build is certified-protected with the mobile app security, RASP, MiTM Attack Prevention, anti-fraud, anti-malware and cheat prevention prevention and other protections in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Certified Secure is used in "go, no-go" release meetings, AppSec compliance verification and to reduce reliance on code scanning and mobile pen testing to prove protections.

Threat-Events™ - In-App Threat Intel

Leverage Threat-Events™ in-app threat intelligence and control framework for 100% user experience control when Android & iOS attacks and threats happen. With Threat-Events, developers register, consume and use real-time attack and threat data, telemetry and intelligence from all mobile app security, mobile fraud, malware and cheat vectors right inside the mobile app, , without the need for external analysis, attestation servers, call outs, RTT, etc.