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Build Better Mobile Code Obfuscation

In this Build Better Mobile Code Obfuscation blog series, we’ll share our mobile security research and cover the top attacks and threats against Android and iOS apps impacting the protection of the mobile app code itself. Mobile Code Obfuscation is an important tool that developers use to prevent reverse engineering techniques that rely on static analysis tools like IDA, Hopper, apktool, baksmali, JD-GUI, and many more. Understanding and defending against the growing diversity of mobile data exploits and mobile data breaches Android & iOS apps face is critical to ensuring mobile business integrity and an amazing mobile experience for all mobile users.

We’ll also share DevOps CI/CD and Data-Driven DevSecOps™ best practices, and highlight key operational and industry insights, to help you achieve mobile DevSecOps agility and follow mobile app protection best practices in CI/CD.

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Blog Post 4 Reasons Existing Waf Anti Bot Solutions Fail To Protect Mobile

4 Reasons Existing WAF Anti-Bot Solutions Fail To Protect Mobile

Traditional anti-bot solutions, like Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), struggle to protect against most mobile-based attack vectors, resulting in significant blind spots in organizations’ API defenses, highlighting the need for advanced mobile-specific bot defense solutions.