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This eGuide describes the technology and features on Appdome that allow anyone to complete a no-code MobileIron Integration to iOS apps in minutes.

Discover the challenges that organizations are facing moving away from Mobile Device Management (MDM) and towards Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). In Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, adding a management profile on an employee-owned device is a not an option. Someone has to add the MobileIron SDK to the internally developed and 3rd party B2B, B2E and workplace apps. The MobileIron SDK only exists for iOS apps. There is no MobileIron SDK for Android.

Learn why organizations are choosing Appdome’s patented technology to complete no-code MobileIron integration to iOS apps. Appdome’s no-code implementation of the MobileIron SDK extends the reach of MobileIron to all iOS apps, including native mobile apps, hybrid apps and apps built in Cordova, React Native and Xamarin. For the first time ever, MobileIron customers can complete a full and complete MobileIron integration in minutes.  No wrapping, code or code dependencies required.

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Rapidly Add Enterprise Mobility to Apps

No Coding, No Wrapping

Support MobileIron on Non-Managed Devices

SolarWinds Action Plan Spotlight Template

The proliferation of dual-purpose, work-life, BYOD devices and the opening of the iOS ecosystem bring with it the increasing risk of malware attacks from mobile devices connected to enterprise and workplace resources. Today, enterprise IT can’t rely on UEM, MDM and MAM or VPNs to defend all mobile apps as most users aren’t enrolled in these systems. And, as shown in SolarWinds, major attacks against enterprise networks can and do come from malware installed on unmanaged (BYOD) mobile devices connected to a VPN. Learn what to do, when, to keep your business and enterprise assets, servers and resources safe from hackers, mobile exploits and malware attacks today.

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