Build VMware Workspace ONE into Android & iOS Apps Fast

Using Appdome, enterprise IT and security teams can build VMWare Workspace ONE into internally developed and 3rd party mobile enterprise applications and deploy these apps inside WorkSpace ONE for unified endpoint management in minutes. There’s no-code or app wrapping needed. Just add the target application to Appdome, select VMWare WorkSpace ONE and click “Build My App.” For internally developed mobile apps, use Appdome with any DevOps CI/CD pipeline and deploy Workspace ONE enabled mobile apps fast.

Automate the work out of Workspace ONE
Secure and Manage Mobile Enterprise Apps Fast

Instant, Workspace ONE Integration, All Mobile Apps

Appdome makes it fast and easy to secure and manage enterprise mobile apps with Workspace ONE. Add VMWare Workspace ONE to mobile apps without coding, SDKs or app wrappers. Support all Enterprise Business and Line-of-Business apps with Workspace ONE fast.  

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Guaranteed Enterprise Mobile App Compliance

Build Certified Secure™ mobile apps and achieve continuous compliance fast. Appdome’s platform provides cyber and IT teams end-to-end lifecycle visibility, management and audit control plus the power to deliver Workspace ONE in Android & iOS apps with ease. 

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Gain Resilience With Industry's Only Mobile XDR

ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR gives you cyber resilience by empowering you to keep track of new and emerging cyber security threats across 300+ attack vectors, and respond to any attack impacting your mobile app, brand or business automatically.

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Are You a B2B Mobile App Developer?

Don't waste time on SDKs or App Wrapping.

We’ve learned from 100s of B2B mobile app developers. UEM, MAM and MDM SDKs and app wrappers add complexity and instability to the mobile applications needed by the enterprise. Instead, maintain agility and continuously deliver Workspace ONE in Android & iOS apps built in any coding language or framework including Obj-C, C+, Java, JS, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Maui, Xamarin, and more. Plugins and APIs are out-of-the-box ready for all parts of the mobile DevOps ecosystem. Contact us to start making mobile app security easy.

Are you a Mobile Developer?

Manage More Mobile Applications
Inside Workspace ONE

Appdome for VMWare Workspace ONE provides enterprise IT, enterprise mobility and mobile engineering teams with an easy to use, fully automated, alternative for integrating Workspace ONE into enterprise mobile applications. Appdome eliminates engineering work, integration complexity and compatibility gaps by leveraging machine learning to code Workspace ONE into mobile applications.. The result is a lightning fast, higher quality, no error, no code, no SDK, no app wrapping implementation of Workspace ONE into mobile apps. If you'd like to see how Appdome works, request a demo below.

Enterprise UEM w/o App Wrapping

App wrapping is an old technology. It imposes too many restrictions and compatibility challenges on mobile developers and B2B mobile apps. Appdome for UEM/MAM/MDM enables organizations to implement the full functionality of Workspace ONE without coding, app wrapping or mobile engineering resources. Appdome uses machine learning to code Workspace ONE into mobile apps. Therefore, it is more resilient, scalable, and flexible than wrapping, and can accommodate any coding language or framework used in the enterprise mobile application automatically.

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Workspace ONE UEM w/o SDKs

You need time, resources and access to the mobile app source code to use the WS1 SDK. Enterprises use 100s of mobile apps. Only a small portion of those mobile apps are built by internal mobile engineering teams. An even smaller portion of 3rd party B2B app developers will commit to the ongoing effort to implement Workspace ONE SDK into their B2B mobile enterprise apps. Appdome overcomes the SDK challenge and allows Workspace ONE to be built into Android & iOS apps without the SDK, source code, or work from internal or external mobile engineering teams.

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Protect Managed & Unmanaged Apps

Ten percent (10%) of enterprise mobile applications are managed by Workspace ONE. Ninety percent (90%) are unmanned mobile apps and/or apps on unmanaged BYOD mobile devices. All enterprise apps are targeted by data harvesting, login input capture, reverse engineering, mobile malware, and other attacks. Appdome provides one unified platform for mobile app security and Workspace ONE in mobile enterprise, work or gig applications. Deliver Certified Secure™ mobile apps with ease. Protect mobile users, remote work and WFH employees from security breaches, social engineering, mobile malware, and more.

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Continuous Mobile Endpoint Compliance

Inside the enterprise, Certified Secure™ provides a continuous record of endpoint security and malware defense and guarantees that every mobile app release is protected with the mobile app security, anti-malware, social engineering and other defenses needed to meet enterprise security compliance objectives. Certified Secure™ adds transparency to mobile enterprise compliance. It enables "shift left" DevSecOps strategies with a continuous record of compliance with cyber and anti-malware mandates. It can also be used in "go, no-go" release meetings to eliminate blocked mobile app releases.

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“Enterprises need to manage a landscape of constantly changing security, privacy and supportability requirements, which is both costly to deal with and difficult to find the right expertise. By pairing the capabilities of the Workspace ONE Platform with Appdome’s no-code integration platform for any mobile app, we can lower the cost and complexity of building enterprise-ready applications for our customers.”

Evan Hurst, Director of Product Management at VMware

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Blog Top 3 Ways Screen Overlay Attacks Are Used for Mobile Fraud

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