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Appdome offers the ability to integrate the F5 Access Manager service so that you can provide secure access from any mobile application to any protected resource on your network. Appdome’s no-code mobile integration platform enables customers to implement F5’s Access Manager service to any mobile app in minutes, without coding. This allows customers to leverage their existing F5 investment to manage access from any Android and iOS app, including 3rd party apps, to protected enterprise resources.

Appdome for F5 Access Manager Mobile Integration enables enterprises to connect any mobile app to F5 Access Manager natively. Any mobile app can authenticate to F5 as an identity provider or as a proxy or gateway, and also receive authorization services inside the app’s existing workflow. Appdome supports all F5 access methods and authentication types out of the box.

In addition, Appdome eliminates dependencies on in-app standards, which means app developers don’t need to manually code SAML, OpenID Connect or OAuth into their apps. By doing so, customers eliminate the maintenance burden of synchronizing standards among multiple providers. Customers can leverage modern authentication for any app without a dependency on 3rd party app maker roadmaps.

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