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Add EMM, Authentication and Security to your custom Salesforce mobile apps in minutes without coding. Meet us at Dreamforce’18.
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With Appdome for Salesforce, admins, developers, ISVs and SIs make their Salesforce mobile apps Enterprise ready. With a simple click of a button, they instantly implement a wide array of services to their Salesforce mobile apps. These services (SDKs, APIs) include mobile security, EMM, MAM, authentication, analytics and threat defense services. For example add BlackBerry Dynamics or Microsoft Intune to your custom Salesforce mobile apps. Or integrate your apps with your enterprise authentication or IDAAS solutions.

Enterprises and ISVs create custom Salesforce mobile apps to cover use cases not addressed by the Salesforce1 app and the MySalesforce app. With Appdome for Salesforce, instantly add mobile services not available with the Salesforce Mobile SDK and Lightning.

Integrating services to apps is instant and requires no coding, wrapping or access to source code.

Top Highlights

Instant Implementation of Any EMM

Easy Enterprise SSO for Your Apps

Protection with ONEShield

Works Out-of-the-box With Any Salesforce Mobile App

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