How To Implement Threat-Events in Java

To implement Threat Events:

Create a class that extends from Application class.

public class MyApplication extends Application {
public void onCreate()…

Implementing Threat Events – Best Practices

On Android mobile devices, security events are usually implemented by using Broadcasts and BroacastRecievers, which by default are freely broadcasted to all applications on the device. This mechanism is…

How to Integrate Appdome and AzureAD with OAuth2.0 Login

OAuth 2.0 & Microsoft Azure Setup

Appdome uses AzureAD with OAuth2.0 login:
Appdome requires the following permissions:


Appdome extracts the following information from Azure:

givenName surname<br…

Configuring Appdome Authentication via Okta

This guide details the steps and the necessary data required for properly configuring Okta. Okta is an identity management service that allows IT to manage any employee’s access to any application or device….

How to Perform Passkey Authentication on Appdome

This Knowledge Base article provides instructions for implementing Passkey Authentication when using Appdome.

What is Passkey Authentication?
A passkey is an alternative method of user authentication. While traditional login methods…

How To Generate ThreatScope SnapShots™ on Appdome

Threat Snapshots allow users to easily export and share the ThreatScope information with relevant team members.
The Threat Scope data is updated every 24 hours, enabling the user to use Threat Snapshots to compare data from different date ranges, threat types and geographical areas. Incorporate the Threat Snapshots in progress reports or presentations and share with management, third party vendors or security and dev teams.