How to Protect Android Apps Against Brokewell

Last updated July 4, 2024 by Appdome

Learn to Detect Brokewell in Android apps in mobile CI/CD with a Data-Driven DevSecOps™ build system.

What is Brokewell?

The Brokewell Trojan is a sophisticated piece of malware targeting Android devices, primarily designed to steal banking and financial information. This trojan is distributed through fake application updates, often masquerading as legitimate software updates like Google Chrome. Once installed, Brokewell employs several techniques to capture sensitive data, including overlay attacks where it places fake windows over real apps to harvest login credentials. Brokewell is also capable of capturing browser cookies, logging accessibility events (such as touches, swipes, and text inputs), and sending this information to a command-and-control server operated by the attackers to control infected devices. The malware is attributed to a threat actor known as Baron Samedit and is under active development, with new features and updates being added regularly. To mitigate this threat, Android users are automatically protected against known versions of this malware by Google Play Protect, which is on Android devices by default with Google Play Services.

How Does Appdome Protect Against Brokewell?

Taking all the above into consideration, Appdome provides an additional layer of security protection to ensure that your Android app remains fortified against Brokewell using the following methods:

  1. Block Overlay attacks
  2. Detect Accessibility Service Abuse
  3. Prevent Keylogging
  4. Prevent App Screen Sharing

To learn more about activating these security protections in your mobile apps, please refer to the related articles section of this knowledge base article.

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