How to Extract Root CA certificates from Websites to Use in Mobile Apps

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Extracting a Root CA from a website can be useful in situations where the CA certificate must be viewed, validated, or installed on another device.

This Knowledge Base article summarizes the simple steps needed to extract Root CA certificate for future use.

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Extracting a single Root CA for a specific website using Chrome browser

This section explains the steps needed to extract a Root CA certificate for a single website. We will use as an example.

  1. Use Chrome browser to open the required website, for ex.
  2. Click on the lock icon on the left of the website address and then on the row Connection is secure.
  3. Click on the Show certificate (arrow) icon on the right of the row Ceritificate is valid.
    Screenshot 2023 01 08 At 18.05.12
  4. In the newly opened window, switch to Details tab.
  5. Use the Details tab to select the top certificate in the Certificate Hierarchy (make sure the scrollbar is all the way up).
  6. Click Export… on the bottom to export the Root CA certificate.
  7. Save the certificate file.

Extracting all CA certificates from MAC

To extract all CA certificates from a MAC workstation:

  1. Open the Spotlight search.
  2. Enter Keychain Access.
  3. Select System Roots
  4. Click on the top entry, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on the bottom entry while holding “Shift” button on your keyboard. This will select all of the certificates:
  5. Right-click the selected list and select the Export command, as shown below.
  6. Save the certificates in easily accessible folder, for example Certificates.pem in the Documents folder as suggested by default.
    Now that all certificates are saved in a single file, you need to split the certificates so each certificate is saved in a separate file.
  7. Open Finder again and go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  8. Type:
    cd <Folder_Selected_For_Saving_Certificate_File>;
    in this example: cd Documents
  9. Copy and paste the following command into the terminal to split the certificates into separates files:
    mkdir Certificates && csplit -n5 -k -f Certificates/cert Certificates.pem ‘/END CERTIFICATE/+1’ {99999}

Now you should have Certificates directory with certXXXXX files while XXXXX is the certificate index.

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