How to Resolve Common Google Play Errors for Secured Apps

Last updated May 2, 2023 by Appdome

During the process of deploying an application to Google Play Store via Appdome, you might encounter one of these common play store deployment errors:

  • “APK specifies a version code that has already been used”

This means the version code of your APK, is already in use by another deployed APK.

Appdome Offers Changing the Version code seamlessly, using Context™  in the Google Play Store.

  • “No application was found for the given package name”

This means your application does not exist in the Google Play Store.

You must create an application in Google Play Store before deploying it.

  • ‘You Cannot deploy a release to “In Progress” state, before it has a “Completed” release.’

Setting a release status to “In Progress“, means the release is rolled out to a fraction of users.

The rest of the users would fallback to a previous release.

This error occurs if a previous release does not exist for the selected track

  • “You are trying to deploy a different app than the previously deployed app: Artifact upgrade problem with <version code>”

This means the artifact (APK), you are trying to upload to the Google Play Store cannot upgrade the previous version of this artifact (APK).

This error usually happens, due to downgrade of “targetSdkVersion” or “minSdkVersion”.

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