How to Use Appdome-GO to Secure Enterprise Mobile Apps

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Learn to use Appdome-GO to secure enterprise mobile apps. This Knowledge Base article explains Appdome-GO and the role it plays in Enterprise Mobility. Appdome-GO empowers IT, DevOps, Security and DevSecOps teams to customize and deploy apps to their digital workforce. Appdome-GO offers the following functionality:

  • Unlimited Implementation Templates for repeatable integrations across apps
  • On-Platform Teams for shared app delivery workflows
  • Role-entitlements to support organizational mapping
  • On-Platform and Private signing
  • Build to Publish API to auto-deploy mobile apps to enterprise app stores

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Prerequisites for using Appdome-GO™

  • Appdome account – IDEAL or Higher.
  • Mobile App (.ipa for iOS, or .apk or .aab for Android) Have the app file available for Fusion on your computer.
  • Appdome-GO access
  • Signing Credentials (e.g., signing certificates and provisioning profile)

Use Appdome-GO to Secure Enterprise Mobile Apps

Appdome offers IT, DevOps, Security and DevSecOps teams the ability to simplify and scale the integration of Security, Authentication Enterprise Access, Mobility Management and Mobile Threat Defense services to all mobile apps used by the employees of their organization. Appdome-GO expands on Appdome’s no-code mobile integration capabilities to provide Mobile DevSeOps organizations with all the tools needed to accelerate mobile integration lifecycles. Inside Appdome-GO, organizations will find mobile integration templates, collaboration teams with entitlements, on-platform as well as private signing and auto-deployment to enterprise app stores.  Appdome-GO allows organizations to complete hundreds of simultaneous integrations, making Appdome the perfect implementation tool for their enterprise mobility strategy.

Key Benefits of Appdome-GO for Mobile DevSecOps

Below is a list of specific Appdome-GO features which enable IT, DevOps, Security and DevSecOps teams to automate and streamline their mobile integration projects and workflows:

Implementation Integration Templates

IT, DevOps and Security teams can create re-usable mobile integration templates, called Fusion Sets™ on Appdome. Fusion Sets allow organizations to add pre-defined information needed in each step in Appdome’s mobile integration workflow, including Fusion (integration) choices, mobile app Context™ (configuration and branding), app signing, and deployment. Fusion Sets can include any combination of third-party services, SDKs or APIs. Using Integration-Freeze™, a Team member can lock a Fusion Set for production use, guaranteeing that the approved Fusion Set will always be used by others. Organizations can subscribe one or more Android or iOS apps to each Fusion Set, to complete end-to-end mobile integration lifecycles fast.

Refer to this knowledge base article to learn more about Integration Templates.

Mobile Integration Teams

Appdome Teams are collaborative workspaces allowing owners of specific organizational responsibilities to come together to complete mobile integration projects. For example, team members can include experts on development, security, IAM, delivery and other areas related to the mobile app lifecycle. Appdome Teams are unique separate entities that exist in a secure, private, multi-tenant environment.

Refer to this knowledge base article to learn how you can collaborate using Appdome Teams.

Role Entitlements for Mobile DevSecOps

Members in an Appdome Team can claim and assign responsibilities in an open flexible system of entitlements. This collaborative workflow empowers diverse functional areas to perform the work needed to release an app as needed per app. For example, app-signing entitlements can be assigned to team members of the security team.

Refer to this knowledge base article to learn how you can use Entitlements to collaborate on mobile integration projects.

On-Platform and Private App Signing

Appdome gives Enterprise organizations the option to sign on-platform or to sign privately off-platform.  Appdome’s on-platform singing process is the the mobile industry’s first automatic secure app signing and sign verification service. It automates the app signing process and ensures that Fused apps are signed correctly, thus eliminating common signing errors which plague manual mobile integration projects.

Refer to this knowledge base category to learn more about App Signing.

Build-to-Publish API for auto deployment of apps to enterprise app stores

Appdome-GO provides a build-to-publish API that gives IT, DevOps, Security and DevSecOps teams the ability to automatically deploy their Fused (integrated) apps to any private app store (like Microsoft Intune, IBM MaaS360 or MobileIron).

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