Protect Mobile Apps with the Appdome Secure SDK Delivery Package

Last updated November 28, 2023 by Appdome

With Appdome Secure SDK Delivery, mobile developers and mobility professionals (IT, Ops, Security, etc.) can integrate multiple services, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) into Android and iOS mobile apps in seconds. Leveraging the Appdome platform, a do-it-yourself mobile integration platform, developers and DevSecOps teams can select and combine a broad range of vendors, features, SDKs and APIs from several categories including mobile security, authentication, management, enterprise access, threat defense, analytics and more.

1,000s of Integration Choices and a Guaranteed Outcome

Appdome supports 1,000s of unique multi-vendor, multi-service mobile integrations. Users can pick from any category including mobile security, authentication, management, enterprise access, and threat defense. Any vendor can be implemented, including Microsoft, VMWare, BlackBerry, Okta and others.

Appdome works with Android and iOS apps built in any development environment, including non-native and hybrid environments such as React Native, Cordova and Maui, Xamarin. Moreover, mobile apps, SDKs and APIs don’t work together out-of-the-box. Appdome bridges the gaps between both mobile apps and services, SDKs and APIs. The result is guaranteed mobile integrations every time users click “Build My App.”

Using Appdome Secure SDK Delivery, organizations can solve any of the following business needs in seconds without code or coding:

Appdome also offers a service for those organizations who need to provide their employees mobile access to web services but who lack the time, skills or resources to build custom mobile apps. This service, SecurePWA, will allow them to build a mobile app that they can secure and integrate with any of the above services.

Appdome Secure SDK Delivery will harden each implementation with ONEShield™ App Hardening, a comprehensive, self-defending, no-code mobile app shielding and hardening solution that prevents dynamic analysis, tampering, modifying, debugging or interfering with the app’s workflows as well as blocks emulators and simulators. ONEShield includes these defenses throughout the app, including hundreds of overlapping Checksum validations to ensure tamper resistance of the app.

Additional Services

24x7x365 customer support as well as advanced services such as Appdome-GO, Appdome-DEV, Appdome-DEV Support, Appdome-DEV Tools and Appdome-DEV API are available at an extra charge.

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