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Appdome App SECURE™ is the industry’s only no-code solution designed from the ground up to quickly and easily protect any and all Android and iOS apps. No code, no SDK and no development are required. App SECURE automatically shields and hardens native and non-native code, app logic and workflows against inspection, debugging, tampering, reverse engineering as well prevents anyone from running your app on emulators or simulators.

Appdome App Secure Protects the App

App SECURE protects against any malicious use of a mobile app and allows developers to quickly achieve three top mobile app security objectives for native and non-native mobile apps alike: (1) block hackers from using your app to create attacks, cheats and malicious programs, (2) prevent inspection and theft of your code and intellectual property, and (3) stop modifications to the app, including screens, workflows, APIs, frameworks and more.

Appdome App SECURE achieves these objectives using two key Appdome features:

ONEShield™ App Hardening – Comprehensive, self-defending, no-code mobile app shielding and hardening solution that prevents dynamic analysis, tampering, modifying, debugging or interfering with the app’s workflows as well as blocks emulators and simulators. ONEShield includes these defenses throughout the app, including hundreds of overlapping Checksum validations to ensure tamper resistance of the app.

TOTALCode™ Obfuscation – Complete no-code, advanced code obfuscating solution that prevents static analysis, obfuscates the entire binary, protects native code as well as non-native code/libraries, SDKs and frameworks in the app. Specific add-ons include relocating control flows, scrambling your app’s logic, and stripping debug information – all without symbolization or decorating your code or limiting how your app functions.

Additional Services

Additional features are available with the App PROTECT and App DEFEND Packages.

24x7x365 customer support as well as advanced services such as Appdome-GO, Appdome-DEV, Appdome-DEV Support, Appdome-DEV Tools and Appdome-DEV API are available at an extra charge.

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