How to Automatically Validate Android and iOS App Logic & File Structure in CI/CD

Last updated May 4, 2023 by Appdome

3 Easy Steps to Prevent Changes to Mobile App Logic & File Structure. Automated App Integrity Scan in CI/CD pipeline. No Code, No SDK, Continuous Security.

Learn how Appdome’s App Integrity and Structure Scan is performed on every app that is uploaded to the Appdome platform to ensure apps are valid and safe.

Appdome Mobile Security Snapshot:

Ensuring app integrity and validate app structure when an app is uploaded to Appdome

The App Integrity and Structure Scan is part of the Appdome Mobile Security Suite. The App Integrity and Structure Scan fall under Appdome’s Advanced App Protection category.

Appdome checks your app’s composition, data structure, data elements, and communication paths to validate the integrity and authenticity of the app, as well as to detect elements within the app which that could be used as attack vectors such as unknown or malicious URLs. In addition to ensuring that the app has been built and packaged correctly, the scan also ensures that the app has not been tampered with and does not contain malicious elements.

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