How to Test Appdome Secured Android Apps Using Perfecto

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This Knowledge Base article provides instructions on how to test Appdome-Secured Android Apps using the Perfecto Live Testing suite, a versatile testing platform for web and mobile applications. Appdome seamlessly integrates with top mobile testing solutions, enabling customers to enhance mobile app security within their existing application lifecycle, with the speed and agility of DevSecOps.

General Information About Testing in Android Apps

Appdome protection features that may be triggered:


Appdome feature Reason
Detect Developer Options Required to interact with the device
Block Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Required to interact with the device
Prevent App Screen Sharing Perfecto performs screen recording, if this feature is enabled all test videos may show black screen
Anti-tampering (on aab apps) In order to install. aab apps, Perfecto needs to tamper them.


Upload App to the Perfecto Repository

1. Log into your perfecto cloud at <your-cloud>.
2. Click on “Account Setup”.
3. Choose “Repository” from the top bar.

Perfecto Bar
4. Click the upload button located at the bottom-right corner.

Perfecto Logo

5. Choose and upload your app.
6. Select and define additional data (e.g., private/public repository, name, tags) and then upload the app.

Androidupload A File

Live App Testing

1. Switch to the “Manual Testing” tab in the top bar.

Manual Testing Perfecto
2. Pick a device and click “OPEN”.

My Devices [ Android ] Prefecto
3. After the device is initialized, install your app by clicking the apps menu and then “INSTALL NEW”.

Perfecto Aandroid Install App
4. Choose your app from the repository folder, configure additional settings, and install it. Once installed, you can use the app and test it.

Perfecto[android] Select Azpp Install App
In case of any issues with the app, please send the device logs to Appdome Support by following these steps:
1. End the test and mark your results to save them.
2. Enter the link of your report.

Perfecto[android] Release Device
3. On the top-right of the screen, look for the export button. Clicking it will open a dropdown from which you can download the device logs.

Export To Ppdf

Automating App Testing on Android

Perfecto has several Appium capabilities, namely: a series of key-value pairs that allow you to configure your tests on Perfecto.
For further details, see the Capabilities Builder – Appium webpage.


Troubleshooting Tips

  • Most automation test tools can typically be used in one of two modes: Emulator Mode and Real Device Mode (specific terms may vary according to the testing tool). If you use the automation test tool in “Emulator Mode” instead of “Real Device Mode”, the Appdome-secured application will not run on the device. This is expected because Appdome ONEShield protects apps from running on emulators/simulators. Instead, it is recommended to run the automation test tool on a real device.
  • If your mobile application closes/exits unexpectedly or you see the following message: “Application has violated security policies and it will be shut down”, this usually means that techniques are present which Appdome protects against, such as emulator mode, tampering, reverse engineering, or root hiding. Below are some of the likely causes:
    • The user may be running the testing tool in ’emulator’ mode, which Appdome protects against. To remedy this, run the test in ‘manual’ mode or using real devices.

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