Prevent Conflicts with DexGuard in Android Apps

Last updated December 17, 2023 by Appdome

This article provides important information about the compatibility issues between DexGuard and some of Appdome’s protections. If Appdome users attempt to upload mobile applications containing DexGuard, the upload will be blocked, and you will receive a message prompting you to disable DexGuard before proceeding. This is done specifically to avoid various conflicts that certain DexGuard protections can cause if you attempt to implement Appdome.

What is DexGuard?

DexGuard is a commercial tool offered by GuardSquare that provides a range of security features for Android applications (specifically code obfuscation, and some RASP, and limited encryption). It aims to protect Android apps from reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized access.

DexGuard integrates with the Android build process and applies various transformations to the application’s bytecode, making it more difficult for attackers to understand and modify the code.

Why Can’t I Use DexGuard and Appdome in the same app?

The protective functionalities of DexGuard such as ptrace for anti-debugging and hook detection, conflict with the ONEShield protection mechanisms offered by Appdome. This incompatibility prevents the simultaneous use of DexGuard with Appdome’s protections.

Whenever an app is recognized as having DexGuard, Appdome does the following:

  • Displays an alert which instructs the user on how to resolve the conflict by removing DexGuard from the build.Image

How do I Resolve this Issue?

Follow the alert instructions by removing DexGuard and upload the app again. If you need further assistance, please contact Appdome Support.

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