Prevent Conflicts with DexGuard SDK in Android Apps

Last updated August 17, 2023 by Appdome

When you use Appdome and upload apps with DexGuard SDK inside, the app is blocked with a request to disable DexGuard SDK and try again.

This Knowledge Base article provides information about DexGuard SDK.

What is DexGuard?

DexGuard is based on ProGuard and offers similar benefits – e.g., shrinking and optimizing Java code, as well as obfuscating the name of functions and classes in the Android app – along with the integration of RASP (runtime application self-protection) mechanisms.

Why Can’t I Use an App with DexGuard When I Use Appdome?

DexGuard SDKs perform protections that collide with Appdome’s ONEShield protections (e.g.: ptrace for their own anti-debugging, and checking for hooks), and therefore Appdome cannot work side by side with DexGuard.

Whenever an app is recognized as having the DexGuard SDK, Appdome does the following:

  • Shows a visual indication in the app preview.
    Prevent conflicts with DexGuard SDK
  • Displays an additional alert inside the Tab build, which instructs the user on how to resolve the conflict by removing the DexGuard SDK from the build.
    Prevent conflicts with DexGuard SDK

How do I Resolve this Issue?

As stated in the notification, you need to remove the DexGuard DSK and re-try to upload the app. If you fail to do that, contact Appdome Support.

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