How to Duplicate a Team

Last updated November 2, 2023 by Appdome

Appdome for Teams enables you to collaborate with your teammates in order to integrate with Appdome. You can use all of Appdome’s features in a team, so each team member can do his role in building the app while viewing all the other team member’s progress.

As an organization, you may have multiple people working on a project as a team. These users often need roles and entitlement structures to ensure that the team members capabilities and responsibilities are clearly defined and work is done efficiently. Appdome allows organizations to create Teams within the Appdome workflow and establish Team-member Entitlements to limit each teammate to a specific task within the Appdome workflow.

The Team Duplication feature allows you to duplicate the details of an existing team, thereby saving the need to re-configure the team’s mobile app security templates (fusion sets) or manually add team members and their entitlements.

To duplicate a team:

  1. Go to Personal Workspace on the upper left.
    Personal Workspace
  2. Go to any of the teams and click the button Go to Team Management as shown below.
    Go To Team Management Logo
  3. From the Team Management screen, go to the requested team.
  4. Click the icon Team Details, as shown below.
    The Team Details dialog box appears, displaying the team’s information.
    Team Details Diak=logbox
  5. Go to the Duplicate team section.
  6. Select the check box near the customized settings you would like to duplicate:
    Members – Allows duplicating the list of team members, along with their entitlements.
    Fusion sets – Allows duplicating fusion sets, namely: mobile app security templates, which Appdome users can create to speed up and repeat mobile app security projects
  7. Click Duplicate to open the Create Team dialog box.
    Createteam Tab
  8. Change one or more details as needed and click Create Team.

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