How to Release Mobile App Security Templates between Teams

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In the mobile industry, the mobile app security release process is shared between different teams – Development, Security, Operations, QA, Production, etc. Each team passes the final product to the next team in the chain. Sharing tested and working Fusion Sets is the way to achieve a smooth process from development all the way to production.

This Knowledge Base article describes how to release a Fusion Set security template with other Appdome Teams as part of the security release management process.

How to Release Fusion Sets between Teams

Appdome provides the ability to Release Fusion Sets across all teams and apps in an account. This way, Appdome users avoid repeating the same configuration tasks for each app in each team, which is tedious, time-consuming and error-prone.

Prerequisites for Releasing a Fusion Set

To release a Fusion Set you need to have:

How to Use Appdome Release Fusion Set (without Separation of Duties)

To release a Fusion Set to another Appdome team:

  1. Select the requested team space for the source Appdome team.
  2. Go to Team Fusion Sets drop-down and click the icon Release Fusion Set to Team (which becomes visible when hovering).
    Release Fs To Team
    Alternatively, click the … (Details) icon to open Fusion Set Summary, with the Fusion Set details tab displayed by default, and the click Release Fusion Set on the bottom left corner.
    Fusion Set Deatails 2
  3. Use the Release Fusion Set to Team dialog box that opens now to select the team to which you want to release the Fusion Set. Alternatively, if your release process or organization requires compliance with a separation of duties process and your company has the required license, select the Release Fusion Set to New Team option instead. For details, see the article How to Release Mobile App Protection Templates Between Teams in DevSecOps Build System.Release To Team 3
    If you want to have your Fusion Set released with its freeze settings, ensure that you freeze the Fusion Set first and then select the check box Include Fusion Set Freeze Settings.
    To Release the Fusion Set with app-specific settings such as context and app-signing settings and credentials,  select the check box Include App Specific Settings and then select the app from the drop-down list (optional).
    Release To Team 4
  4. Click Release to release the Fusion set to the other team.
    If the team is successfully released, the notification shown below is displayed.
    Fusion Set Deatails 2
  5. Click Go to Team to be redirected to the team to which you released your Fusion Set.
    If there is a mismatch between the permissions of the source team and the permissions of the target team, the notification shown below is displayed, in which case you need to contact Appdome Support.
    teams permission are not matching
    A mismatch indication will also appear on the receiving app’s side.
    Fusion Set Imported 7

After you have released your Fusion Set with another team, entitled members of that team can use it to build apps on that team.

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