What is your Advanced Threat Intelligence project?

Learn how to use Appdome's Advanced Threat Intelligence Suite to gather and use real-time attack data and telemetry on cyber, malware, fraud and bot attacks in Android & iOS apps. Read the section on ThreatScope™, Appdome's agentless mobile XDR, to create an out-of-the-bot Security Operations Center or enrich your SIEM. Read the section on Threat-Events™, Appdome's UX/UI control framework to leverage advanced threat intelligence in your mobile app, adjust the business logic and UX/UI when attacks are present. Defense specific Threat-Event implementations are available in the KB for each defense. If you don't find what you're looking for in this section of the knowledge base, enter your inquiry in the search field or contact support.appdome.com

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Advanced Threat Intelligence

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