How to Perform Passkey Authentication on Appdome

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This Knowledge Base article provides instructions for implementing Passkey Authentication when using Appdome.

What is Passkey Authentication?

A passkey is an alternative method of user authentication. Unlike traditional login methods, which use credentials (username and password) that are stored on websites and applications, thereby making them vulnerable to phishing and hacking attempts, passkeys are stored only on the user’s device. As a result, using a passkey means there is no password for would-be fraudsters to intercept. For further details, see Google documentation.

There are two types of passkeys:

  • Platform passkey
    Created on a computer, by using either a password or a touch device, and is platform specific (Mac OSX/Windows).
  • Cross-platform passkey
    Created on an external device, namely: either a mobile phone or a tablet.

While users can delete or add devices, they can only have one passkey of each type at a time.

How does Appdome Implement Passkey Authentication?

The first time you log in to an Appdome system, you will see the message below.

Passkey for Appdome - Say hello

If you click Add Passkey, the dialog box Create a Passkey is displayed. For details, see instructions below.

If you click Not Now, you can add a passkey as follows:

  1. Go to User Menu > Personal Details.
    Passkey for Appdome - User menu personal details
  2. Under Login Details, click Add Passkey.
    Passkey for Appdome -Fill personal details
    If your device is a Mac computer, the dialog box shown below appears. Proceed to the next step.
    Passkey for Appdome -Mac initial
    If your device is a Windows computer, skip to step 4.
  3. When working on a Mac computer, choose any of the following options:
    – Using an external device (phone or tablet)
    – Creating a passkey that will only be saved on this device
    – Inserting a security key

    1. To use an external device:
      1. Click Use a phone or tablet.
      2. Use the external device’s camera to scan the QR code on the dialog box that appears now.
        Passkey for Appdome -Passkey on other device
    2.  To create a dedicated passkey for the device:
      1. Click This device.
      2. Use the dialog box that appears now to create a passkey by clicking Continue.
        Passkey for Appdome -on qa Dev
      3. Enter your password or use a built-in sensor (Touch ID) to verify your identity within Chrome.
        Passkey for Appdome -Chrome verification
        A notification appears to approve that the verification completed successfully.
    3. To use a physical security key:
      1. Click USB security key.
      2. When prompted, insert your external security key and touch it.
        Passkey for Appdome -Security keys
  4. When working on a Windows computer, the dialog box shown below appears.
    Passkey for Appdome -Windows passkey create a passkey
    You can choose between any of the following options:
    – An external security key or built-in sensor
    – An existing, configured device
    – An external device

    1. If your computer does not have a built-in sensor (for example, fingerpring or facial recognition), selecting the option External security key or built-in sensor invokes a dialog box that prompts you to insert a physical security key.
      Passkey for Appdome -Windows passkey keep record of visit
      You are now prompted to verify your identity.
      Passkey for Appdome -Windows passkey verify identity
    2. If you have an existing, configured device on your environment (in this example, OnePlus 8 pro), clicking the device name sends a notification to your device.
      Passkey for Appdome -Windows passkey check your device
      The notification prompts you to click Continue to create a passkey.
      Passkey for Appdome -Existing device create a passkey
    3. If you would like to create a passkey by using an external device, click the option Use a different phone or tablet to invoke a dialog box with a QR code that you need to scan with the device where you would like to create the passkey.
      Passkey for Appdome -create passkey on another device
      After you successfully scan the code, the device’s passkey is added as a cross-platform passkey.
      Passkey for Appdome -passkey added as a cross-platform passkey

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