Testing Secured Android & iOS Apps Using Kobiton, Mobile DevSecOps Best Practices

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Learn how to test Appdome-secured Android & iOS Apps Using Kobiton automation test platform for DevSecOps. Appdome works with all leading mobile automation testing solutions to help customers achieve comprehensive mobile app security at DevSecOps speed and agility, all within the app’s existing application lifecycle.

Testing Appdome-protected Apps using Kobitron (Android)

Kobiton offers a Free Trial that allows limited access to few Apple devices, which are usually being used by others. Testing Android devices/apps requires a paid Kiboton account.

  1. Open a free Kobiton account or log-in to your existing account in order to begin.
  2. Chose a test device and click Launch. A new screen will be opened with the device image.

kobiton device install

  1. Click the “Install Apps” button in the upper right corner. A new window will be opened where you can choose to Upload File.

install apps kobiton

  1. Click “Upload File” to upload your test app .ipa file and install it on the device. Once you selected the file it will be uploaded and installed on the device.

  1. When the installation is completed, close the “Install App” window. The screen will now show the app running on the device.
  2. Run your test manually.
  3. When done you can download the device logs by clicking on the Download icon on the Device Log plane on the top right corner

kobiton automated testings android ios dynamic instrumentation

Troubleshooting Tips

If you see the message such as: “Application has violated security policies and it will be shut down”, this means that (1) techniques such as emulators, tampering, or reverse engineering are present, and (2) the Fusion Set does not contain Appdome Threat-Events. This is likely because the user is running their automation testing tool in ’emulator testing’ mode, which Appdome protects against.

Automation test tools can typically can be used in two modes: emulator mode and manual mode. If you use your automation test tool in “emulator mode” instead of ‘manual testing’ mode, the Appdome-secured application will not run on the device.

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