How to Set Trusted Accessibility Services

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Trusted Accessibility Services

Trusted Accessibility Services are those services identified by their package or service names that, when active, prevent the triggering of enforcement measures.

This ensures a seamless app experience for end users, with no disruption. While these trusted services operate without causing any issues for users.

To simplify the user experience further and avoid prompting end users for consent when these trusted services are in use, it is recommended to align the set of trusted services with the app’s release notes. To achieve this, utilize the ‘Set Trusted Accessibility Services’ toggle, which allows you to specify services exempted from monitoring. Running these services will not lead to the generation of alarms or events.
In the Anti-Fraud tab, under the Mobile Malware Prevention section, activate the ‘Prevent Accessibility Service Malware’ toggle and then enable the ‘Set Trusted Accessibility Services’ toggle as well.

When trusted accessibility services are running, no enforcements will be triggered, and therefore end users will not experience any impact on app usage. Threat data will still be collected and visible on ThreatScope. When enabling User Accessibility Service Consent in addition to this protection, the end user will not be prompted to provide consent for trusted services.

Set Trusted Accessibility Services Toggle

How do I Specify Trusted Accessibility Services?

You can specify which services are to be considered trusted accessibility services by using any of the following methods:

  • Manually add identifiers of trusted availability services
    Add a service or a package to the list of trusted accessibility service identifiers. You can either add a single service/package each time or add multiple services/packages by using a wildcard.
  • Trust all accessibility services that are shipped by default with Android OS.

Manually adding identifies of trusted accessibility services

To manually add identifies of trusted services:

  1. Enter the name of the requested package or service identifier in the field Trusted Accessibility Services Identifiers.
  2. Click Add.

Add Identifies of Trusted Services


Wildcard characters (‘*’) are supported when defining the trusted service or package identifiers. However, this should be used with caution because attackers may attempt to masquerade as trusted services by creating malware with package names or access services that resemble the identifiers of legitimate access services in order to evade detection. It is recommended that you mitigate this risk by using the wildcard character in the right-most component of the package name (for example,* instead of *

Trusting Android OS Default Accessibility Services

To trust all accessibility services that are shipped by default with Android OS, such as Google VoiceAccess and Google Reading Mode, enable (toggle on) the feature Trust OS Default Accessibility Services.

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