How to Build a Secure iOS, Android PWA With Deep Links

Last updated December 14, 2023 by Appdome

Learn how to enable build a Secure PWA that supports deep linking.

This Knowledge Base article explains how developers or non-developers can convert any website into a Secure PWA that supports deep linking.

What are Deep Links?

Deep links are links or URLs that ‘open-in’ a mobile application and display a specific/targeted page within the app, instead of redirecting to a website or opening a generic page. Deep links are useful in that they can be used to send mobile users straight to specific in-app locations all within the context of the activity the user is currently engaged in. Deep links can save users time and get them to desired outcomes quicker and are a good way to drive deeper engagement, increase conversion rates, achieve more immediate and direct outcomes, and improve the user experience.

Deep linking works this by specifying a custom URL scheme (iOS Universal Links) or an intent URL (on Android devices) that opens in your application when the user clicks the link (if your app is installed in the user’s device).

How To Use Deep Links With a Secure PWA

Using Appdome Secure PWA, deep links are enabled by default and work out of the box. To use deep links, customers can create a link or URL with the prefix appdome pwa://and include that link in a website or send it by email, SMS. When the mobile user clicks on the link, it will open the iOS or Android PWA (if installed) and display the specific page represented by the URL.

What is Appdome Secure PWA?

Appdome Secure PWA is a no-code mobile development framework that enables anyone to convert any website into a mobile application in minutes – no code or coding required. Using Appdome, anyone can build a progressive web app (PWA) that runs on any iOS or Android device with a native-like experience. The only thing you need to convert any website into a mobile application is a reachable website.

Simply input an existing URL into Appdome’s app builder, select your choice of platform (Android, iOS, or cross-platform), and click Convert To App. Within minutes, the Appdome platform automatically converts the website into a mobile application that will run natively on any mobile device for the platform you selected.

3 Easy Steps To Build Secure PWA With Deep Links

Follow these 3 easy steps to convert a website into an iOS or Android app that supports deep links.

  1. From the Add App tab, Select Create Secure PWA™ and enter the website address for the website you wish to convert (Note, enter the full address, and ensure that the URL is reachable).
  2. Choose an App Name, then Choose the App platform: iOS, Android or both.
    • For iOS – upload the Provisioning Profile.
  3. Click Convert To App

appdome secure pwa

secure pwa deep linking

Congratulations! You now have converted your website to a progressive web app with deep linking. You can find your PWA in your Appdome account (left navigation menu) with all the other app binaries that you’ve previously added to your account.

Appdome Secure Progressive Web App (pwa)

Deep Linking Example with Haaartland iOS App

Deep Linking is enabled by default when you build a Secure PWA on Appdome. Simply create a link with the prefix appdomePwa://  and add the URL/link for the page you want to redirect the mobile user to. For example, let’s imagine I’m using the Haaartland ‘health and wellness community mobile application, and Haaartland wants to direct me to their Facebook page.  But they want the Facebook page to open-in their mobile application, instead of the website.  To do this with deep linking, Haaartland could simply send me the following URL via text message or email:


When I click on the link from my mobile phone, I get a push notification asking for permission to open the link in the Haaarland mobile app (which is installed on my iPhone):

deep linking push notification

And when I select “Open”, the Haaartland iOS application (PWA) is automatically launched, and Haaartland’s Facebook page is displayed within the app. Pretty neat!


haaartland facebook page deep link
Haaartland Facebook page displayed as a deep link

Prerequisites for Using Appdome’s Secure PWA

After Building Your Secure PWA

After successfully converting your website into a mobile application using Appdome, there are several available options to complete your project, depending on your app lifecycle or workflow. These include 

Or, see this quick reference Releasing Secured Android & iOS Apps built on Appdome. 

How Do I Learn More?

Check out the following related KB articles for Secure PWA:

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