How to Verify User Domains for Mobile Security Projects

Last updated May 15, 2024 by Appdome

Many companies and organizations are using unique email domains for their businesses. Appdome enables customers to effectively verify user domains for mobile security projects so that all their team members are members of the same domain. This Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step instructions on how to enforce organization domain verification on your Appdome teams.

How to Verify User Domains for Mobile Security Projects

Appdome allows organizations to create teams within the Appdome workflow and lock teams so that only members from the same email domain as the team leader can be invited. By limiting the team to a specific domain, you can avoid preventable mistakes (for example, adding a team member using their personal email) and complete mobile integrations efficiently. Appdome keeps both your user’s and project data safe and protected and controls access to your team.

Prerequisites for Organization Domain Enforcement in Teams

In order to lock your team domain, you’ll need:

3 Easy Steps to Verify User Domains for Mobile Security Projects

  1. Click on the user menu located at the top right of the screen.
    • Select “Team Management“.
      User Menu
  2. Click on “Create Team“.
    • Click on the checkbox icon labeled “Only domain members can be invited” to restrict team access to domain members only.Only Domain Members Can Be Invited
    • Invite team members to collaborate on your team by adding their emails or by uploading a CSV file.
    • Click on + Create Team
  3. Lock an existing team:
    • Click on the three dots to view the Team Details.
      Team Details
    • Click on the checkbox icon to restrict your team to domain members only.
      Only Domain Members

Congratulations! Your team is now locked, and only domain members can be invited.

* To remove domain enforcement and unlock your team, uncheck the checkbox.

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