How to Use Appdome Binary Naming

Last updated December 31, 2023 by Appdome

What is Appdome Binary Naming?

The purpose of Appdome Binary Naming is to enhance the way binary files generated by Appdome are named.

The utilization of Appdome Binary Naming enables the inclusion of unique build ID in file names, as illustrated below:

Appdome_<bundle id>_<last 8 digits of task id>.fileextension
Appdome_<bundle id>_<last 8 digits of task id>_Certificate.pdf

Why Appdome Binary Naming is Useful for Binary File Management

By including the build ID, which serves as a distinct identifier for each app build, in the file name, App Developers can identify and differentiate between various app versions. This naming convention aims to simplify file management, reduce the likelihood of errors, and streamline the overall experience when working with Appdome-generated binary files.

Appdome Binary Naming simplifies and improves binary file management within the Appdome platform. It offers several key advantages:

Clarity: By including build IDs in file names, it simplifies identification of app versions, reducing confusion and errors.

Organization: It enhances file organization, helping users quickly locate the right version.

Error Reduction: Clear informative names minimize the risk of selecting the wrong binary file.

User-Friendly: It prioritizes the user experience, making binary file management more intuitive.

Efficiency: Users can swiftly identify the relevant binary file, boosting workflow efficiency. In summary, Appdome Binary Naming streamlines the process, reduces errors, and enhances the user experience for both administrators and users.

How to Use Appdome Binary Naming

  1. Log in to your Appdome account
  2. Go to your User Menu located in the right top corner
  3. Click on Platform Settings
    User Menu
  4. Turn the Appdome Binary Naming toggle ON
    Platform Settings

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