How to Use Appdome's Geo Compliance

Last updated May 29, 2024 by Appdome

How Geo Compliance Works

In mobile apps, location/geo-location is a fundamental and extremely sensitive construct that affects many core functions of the app experience. To that end, maintaining accurate and authentic location information is crucial to the app’s core functionality and overall integrity. It is often required by organizations to maintain compliance with industry or in-country regulations. This is not a trivial matter, considering the many techniques and methods bad actors leverage to falsify location information, from malicious proxies or VPNs, to falsifying GPS information, spoofing, impersonation, SIM swapping etc.

What is Appdome Geo Compliance?

Appdome’s Geo-compliance protections provide mobile developers, security, and compliance teams an easy and automated way to ensure accurate and authentic location information and to prevent tampering or falsifying location or bypassing controls related to geolocation. With Appdome Geo-Compliance, Dev and compliance teams can (1) easily create different security models for different countries, (2) demonstrate to the regulators that the security in the mobile app complies with the country and industry-specific regulations, (3) actively prevent the use of a mobile app in specific geographies and (4) prevent tampering, altering, or concealing location information or controls within the app.

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