How to Use Localized Messages to Display App Compromise Notifications in Different Languages

Last updated November 9, 2023 by Appdome

Appdome detects various security threats during the application runtime, both when the app is launched and while it is running. When a threat is detected, Appdome responds based on the policy provided by the customer. The policy can specify that when a specific event is detected, the app will trigger an app compromise notification to the user.

The content of the notification is specified below the specific threat in the App Compromise Notification field. A default message will be displayed if the notification content is not provided by the customer. However, customers are advised to provide the content of the notification, by specifying an easy to follow default remediation path for the mobile app end user.
Using the Appdome Localized Messages will allow the user to display a different App Compromise Notification per each different geo location, allowing the message to be displayed in different languages accordingly to the device region and language settings. 

How to add App Compromise Notifications Localized Messages

In the User Experience Options, under the App Compromise Notification field, you can find the Localized Messages option.
Click the +Add Localization File option to upload the Localized Messages Json file.


This field receives a JSON file containing a message for each language requested. A full list of language codes can be found on the Localization page at:


An option for a short localized message to replace the short compromise notification is also available (Android only), including the use of the {{app_display_name}} tag. The tag will be replaced with the app display name in the current device language.

The JSON file is structured as follows:

  "en": {
    "default": "english msg for {{app_display_name}} ",
    "short": "English short for {{app_display_name}} "
  "fr": {
    "default": "french msg for {{app_display_name}} ",
    "short": "fr short for {{app_display_name}} "
  "en_eu": {
    "default": "australian msg for {{app_display_name}} ",
    "short": "au short for {{app_display_name}} "

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