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Last updated December 4, 2022 by Appdome

Appdome’s ThreatScope™ mobile threat intelligence center, a separate module offered by Appdome, is an out-of-the-box mobile security operations center (SOC) integrated with the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. ThreatScope™ provides analytics-grade, real-time mobile attack detection data, telemetry and intelligence across all mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware and anti-cheat detection and defense vectors impacting mobile apps.

This knowledge base article handles ThreatScope™ User Remediation Center. This feature helps you help mobile customers resolve common attacks and threats on mobile devices, so they can get back to using your app safely and securely. You only need to enter the Threat-Event™ Reason Code associated with the threat notification or attack to get the taxonomy of that attack and resolution path for the user.

To get the remediation to the relevant event:

  1. ֿGo to the user remediation center, by following either of the methods below.
    1. In the user profile, click ThreatScope™ and then click the ThreatScope™ User Remediation Center button.
    2. Go to the User menu and then click the ThreatScope™ User Remediation Center button.
  2. Use the User Remediation Center dialog box that opens now:
    1. Review the build date range (by default, the last six months) and decide whether to accept or change it.
    2. Enter the threat event reason code, in either of the following conventions:
      <Event><:><Build_ID>, namely: four digits that represent the event, a comma, and then the last four digits of the Build ID. For example: 1234:AB56.
      <Event><:><Build_ID><space><Extended_Value>, namely: four digits that represent the event, a comma, and then the last four digits of the Build ID, followed by extended value. For example: 1234:AB56<space>7168
  3. If you enter the threat event reason code appropriately, the button below becomes enabled.
  4. Click the button to see the relevant remediation.








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