How to Test Anti Remote Desktop Control for iOS in AnyDesk

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AnyDesk facilitates remote access to devices, offering convenience but also potential security risks for mobile applications. To mitigate these risks, implementing Appdome’s Anti-Remote Desktop Control is crucial. This feature ensures that your app cannot be used through AnyDesk, preserving the integrity of user interactions and protecting sensitive data from potential exposure in remote desktop scenarios. This guide walks you through the steps to verify that your protected application incorporates Anti-Remote Desktop Control effectively, ensuring it cannot run in tandem with AnyDesk, thereby safeguarding user interactions and sensitive data.


To test Anti Remote Desktop Control, you will need:

Performing the Test

1. Build an app with the Anti Remote Desktop Control feature enabled.
For detailed instructions on how to build this feature, visit the main knowledge base article How to Block Remote Desktop Exploits in iOS Apps

Remote Desktop Control Fusion Set

2. Install the protected app on mobile device 1.

3. Download and install AnyDesk Remote Desktop on both mobile devices using the link to the Appstore website.

4. Open AnyDesk on both mobile devices.

5. Enter Your Address number from mobile device 1 in the Enter Remote Address box on mobile device 2.

Any Desk Address

6. Accept the connection on mobile device 2.

7. Click Start now to begin mirroring the second device’s screen onto the first device.

8. Open the protected app on the second mobile device.

9. Verify the functionality of the Anti-Remote Desktop Control protection.

Expected Result:  You should see a security alert on the second device’s screen, blocking the app from opening while AnyDesk is active. This alert confirms that the Anti-Remote Desktop Control is operational.

Alert message


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