How to Prevent Conflicts with iOS Privacy Manifest in iOS Apps

Last updated February 6, 2024 by Appdome

This article provides important information about Apple’s Privacy Manifest. If Appdome users attempt to upload iOS mobile applications that do not contain a Privacy Manifest file, the upload will be blocked, and you will receive a message prompting you to add a Privacy Manifest file to your app before proceeding. This is done to ensure your iOS app is compliant with Apple’s new regulations.

What is a Privacy Manifest?

The Apple Worldwide Conference held in 2023 kicked off with Apple introducing Privacy Manifests, a new addition to their privacy updates for App Store submissions. Privacy Manifests are aimed at helping app developers better understand how third-party SDKs use data, secure software dependencies, and provide additional privacy protection for users. When you prepare to distribute your app, Xcode will combine the privacy manifests across all the third-party SDKs used by your app into a single, easy-to-use property list report that summarizes all the third-party SDKs found in an app, as well as the required reason APIs your app or third-party SDK uses making it easier for you to create more accurate Privacy Nutrition Labels. Apple believes that this functionality is a step forward for all apps and encourages all SDKs to adopt it to support the apps that depend on them better.

How Do I Resolve This Issue?

Starting spring 2024, iOS Apps without a Privacy Manifest cannot be uploaded to the App-Store.

Follow the alert instructions by upgrading your iOS App version to include the iOS Privacy Manifest.

iOS app without Privacy Manifest

Upgrade your Appdome Version

After adding a Privacy Manifest to your iOS app, you will receive the following message.

iOS app with Privacy Manifest


In situations where the features you build into the app using Appdome result in new APIs being added to the app, the Appdome platform automatically updates the Privacy Manifest file to match the changes to the app.

Privacy Manifest

Now you’re all set to start building your iOS app with Appdome security protections. If you need further assistance, please contact Appdome Support.

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